Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming entries.. :))


Hi!! How are you guys?? Okay, few projects been done, but tak sempat lagi nak make entries about them, sebab currently busy with 'pindah'- memindah!'.. :) Will upload the pictures of the projects and stuff later kay??

Coming entries are:

1. Aidan's MTV Shock!

2. Jom make a Pinata! With instructions and pictures.. :)

3. Jom make a 'Safari' theme sofa throw cover, or kids playroom carpet! (Sesuai juga for beanbag chair!)

4. Family raya photoshoot!

Happy Monday, guys!! :))

p/s: Sunday's Iftar in Klang was a blast.. So many lauk pauk, and paling best, got to celebrate Zura, a new mommy to Naily.. Cute little girl, and obviously kesayangan semua, especially her abang, Qaid! :)) Congrats again, Zura! :)
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