Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wujud tak diet during pregnancy?

Okay, memang tajuk ni some people tak boleh terima.. Hahaha.. Even myself! What?? Diet during pregnancy?? I thougt, time2 preggy nih la kita boleh makan apaaaaa- apaaaaaa.. pun, without having to have this so called feeling yang kita panggil 'GUILTY!'.. Yup, guilty feeling.. Some people, siap call this phase, HEAVEN! hahaha.. Kiranya boleh consume any food, without having to have any care about gaining weight, and sampai change the word 'makan' to 'melantak!'.. Hahaha.. How expressive! Kekeke..

So, bila dah sana sini tau my condition now, ramai yang try to help me.. Advice this and that, yang i take it as nak membantu.. Biasalah, good advice kita follow, yang mana termampu.. :) Yesterday, my friend, Delima tegur on facebook.. (yup, she is happily in her confinement period.. and baru jer deliver to a healthy baby boy, Ammar :) ) To be frank, kitorang ni macam tag team tau.. Hahaha.. Right after Delima delivered to her first born, Aiman last time, i baru nak get married, and one month after that, i plak pregnant to my kicik, Aidan.. And this time pun sama.. Right after she gave birth to baby Ammar, i plak tau i pregnant lagi! Hahaha.. Nampak tak?? :P

Okay, ceritanya.. Nasib kitorang ni pun agak sama when it comes to being pregnant.. Last time, she gave birth to Aiman earlier than expected.. Aiman is a premature baby, tup2.. i pun sama! I dapat Aidan pun masa i pregnant to him 7 months.. Both of us, the mommies, mmg dah considered pre- eclampsia.. Huh! And ofcoz, based on our sad- sad experience, banyak benda yang nak kena be more careful, and ofcoz what we consume is one of them.. :)

So, yesterday.. I got to learn that salty things are not so good for me.. And i was like 'alamak, my pekasam!' hahaha.. Yer ker?? Kalau yer, better follow jer, sebab my friend Delima tuh follow religiously all the diet, and Alhamdulillah, Ammar keluar on time.. :) So, mummy decided to follow jer yang mana i think baik for us both, mummy and another kicik of mine ni.. :) So, junk food, fast food, memang kena tolak tepi dulu.. And go for much more healthier food, like veges (hmmm, just call me vegetarian la pasni.. hahaha), chicken (not beef- advisable gak), fruits, milk and ofcoz supplements..

Talking about supplement, Omega3 is said to be the best supplement to consume during pregnancy.. It helps in terms of the blood circulation, and stuff.. And ofcoz sekaligus, helps the water retention and the production of milk bila deliver nanti.. Hmmm.. I just got to know about this, but tak try lagi.. Hopefully, lepas ni, boleh la singgah pharmacy or ask my gynae whether it is good for me or not.. Nak terus pegi beli like that is a little bit risky.. Memang kalau dah ada experience macam i, yang pernah pre- eclampsia, mesti nak jaga betul2 bila dah pregnant ni.. And ofcoz, advice from the expert, is a must.. :) So, for mummies out there, or about to be a mummy, please, check on this Omega3 with your doctor, mana lah tau, if it is good and may help you later on, why not we just go for it, right?? Benda2 baik kita share, okay?? Hehehe.. :)

p/s: **Thanks to hubby.. Smalam tak sempat balik ke rumah untuk berbuka sebab few errands nak kena settlekan.. Sempat berbuka di luar, and got ourselves and the kicik Aidan, baju raya sedondon!! Kekeke.. Hubby excited nak sedondon dengan his boy, and he even said something like this.. 'Kalau Aidan dah besar sket and dah pandai jalan, lagiiiii BEST!.. Mummy senyum jer *tanda **suka!! Kekeke.. Yerlah, last year nyer raya tak berapa best.. I tengah berpantang, with my kicik beraya dalam incubator.. Uwaaaaa! Sedih.. This year, wajib sedondon!! :P We picked blueeeeeeiiisssshhhh greeeeennniiiisssshh?? ocean blue?? or something LAH! :P

Nandos was our choice, and ofcoz mummy's MUST HAVE MENU bila ke Nandos.. Grilled Chicken Salad! *** Drool.. Their famous soup, and lots of Extra Hot sauce! Kekeke.. :))

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