Monday, August 16, 2010

Flower Power!!

A note to Shaferlicious!

Yes you! This is Haiza.. My preggy friend.. She is in her 4 months now, if i'm not mistaken.. One day, we were texting about all the pregnancy stuff and i was over the moon, when she said something like this..

" Weiii.. (this is her 'hi' la.. kekeke), i went to see my gynae yesterday and came across this thing (brochure kot) saying that ladies who are turning 30 next year and pregnant now, has highest chance of giving birth to a baby girl! "- OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT la bunyik nyer! .. So, i went..

REALLY????? With excitement on my face.. YESSSS!

InsyaAllah.. :)) All the ketentuan Allah is nothing but beautiful.. :)) E or N pun takper.. Hehehe..

So last week, hubby's cousin in Klang gave birth to a baby girl, Naily Aufal Zafirah.. :) Congrats Zura!! Apa lagi, yesterday terus i tanya my father in- law, "How old is Zura yer baba??" My father in- law tak berapa pasti but Zikry terus kata, "Sama ngan kak sara la.."

I went.. "Yes!" dalam hati... Hahaha.. Next year dah masuk 3 series both of us.. Hmmm.. so, facts tadi macam betul jer for Zura.. How about me?? Hmmmm.. *Scratch2..

p/s: To you Haiza, thanks for sharing yer.. I'll pray for you and your family for sure.. Harap2 betul la facts nih.. Kekeke.. :P
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