Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, hello.. Baby mummy..

Hi dear.. How happy mummy feels right now.. Last Friday, mummy able to see my gynae, Dr Siti, from SDMC, and to get her views, regarding mummy's pregnancy to you.. Yup, the fact that your gap and your brother, Aidan is not that far.. So, mummy needed her to know that i am expecting..

The reason being is that, masa mummy went for a short visit to kilink biasa di rumah, they adviced me to see my gynae dulu, sebab katanya other hospitals or private hospitals sometimes tak nak ambil those that have history of giving birth to pre-mature baby, some more 'c'! and now with the gap yang tak jauh, lagi la diorang reluctant to accept me.. I don't know.. But mummy kata, takperlah, jumpa jer dulu Dr Siti, and tengok apa dia kata.. And she was actually excited for mummy and daddy, and did convince me that it's okay to get pregnant now, and we may want to try for normal delivery plak this time.. :) Lega rasanya..

But, mungkin mummy akan tukar gynae.. Depends tgk camner.. But what i can assure you is that, my prayers will always be with us, and mummy will do the best for you.. Eat properly and take extra care of myself.. Hopefully you are doing great in there.. :))

p/s: Ohhhh, mummy saw you, and guess what?? Your legs, and arms are developing right now.. :) Sweet.. Be strong for me, okay.. As i will for sure be strong for you.. I love you! ... and Aidan too! (Nak gak selit.. kekekeke) :)
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