Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 awesome year!!

Alhamdulillah, smalam Aidan genap setahun.. How happy mummy and daddy, sebab berjaya besarkan this one person we call 'anak'.. Hehehe.. First born, first son, first experience.. Yup, a job well done to both of us! Hahahaha..

Banyak benda baru yang he taught me.. About life, love, sacrifice, and lots more.. Semuanya i ambil as a lesson, to improve myself to be a better person.. Dulu and sekarang ni lain.. Bila dah ada anak, ada commitment, kita dah tak fikir kepentingan diri sendiri saja, dah start nampak the bigger picture of life, and start nak improve apa2 yang kita lack before.. I am learning not only to be a mother, but i want to be the best mother to my kids, a helpful wife to my hubby, a great daughter to my mom, and a good sister to my sibllings, and a better person inside and out.. InsyaAllah..

Back to Aidan's story, banyak gak benda yang i witnessed.. His growth, abilities and capabilities.. Walaupun Aidan ambil masa juga nak boleh itu ini, i suddenly realize that, no! my Aidan tak lambat sebenarnyer.. He is doing great sebab i should follow his real EDD, and to be frank, he should be 10 months now, and he is learning to stand and walk! So, no worries okay mummy and daddy, Aidan is doing fine, and he is learning to be independent as well.. Independent in a sense that he is learning on his own, get to know his abilities, and not afraid to try new things, such as standing on his own and etc.. Still, he needs mummy or daddy especially bila ada di tempat baru, with new faces yang he is not familiar with.. So, understandable.. :)

Alhamdulillah, got to witness him, meniarap, terbalikkan badan, menyulur ala army crawling, crawling, standing sambil hang on things, duduk, imitating sounds and actions, saying bubye with hands waving, clap his hands, and his latest passion, DANCING! Oh my.. How time flies, and i already miss his baby moments.. :) Now, he likes to play with the BOYS, and mungkin he knows that he is one of them, PS3, X Box are his fav, and whenever his nepehews or daddy play video games, he will for sure grab himself one joystick, and pretend as if he is playing too.. Hehehe.. Cute!

Alhamdulillah.. Allah is GREAT! Allah is GREAT! 1 AWESOME YEAR!! :))

Army crawling at 7 months old.. :) and mummy's super hero.. :))
Crawling at 10 months old! :)) But this picture is during Alang's makan2 when he is 11 months old.. :)

Standing up, hang on things, at 11 months old.. :)

Birthday boy, yesterday.. The very morning, when he was still asleep.. :)

Aidan's latest milestone :

1. Able to imitate people through sound and hand gesture..

2. Able to hang on things to stand on his own..

3. From standing position, he able to seat on his own.. Walaupun kadang2 jatuh gak.. Huhuhu..

4. Able to panjat tangga sampai atas, with supervision ofcoz.. :)

5. Love to dance and yup, he is having this Bieber Fever.. Love upbeat songs.. Huhuhu..

6. When he is happy, he will clap his hands.. :)

7. Able to mix around well with his cousins, especially boys.. Love PS3 and X Box..

8. Not into cartoons, but love songs, and gadgets..

9. Not into toys that much, but love gadgets.. Did i just mention that?? Yup, he is Mr Gadget Jr..

10. Adore long driving so that he could sleep all the way to our destination.. Hehehe..

11. Soooo soooo into TV commercials.. :)

12. Love McD porridge, kalah yang buat di rumah.. Hehehe.. :P

13. Hate to wear baju right after shower, and yaaa.. bila nak mandi and buka baju pun, he hates it.. Huhuhuhu..

14. Loves to eat, and likes to eat almost everything.. Kadang2 suka kutip things on the carpet.. Memang kena make sure he is always depan mata.. *Sigh

Hmmmm, so far, ni jer.. will update later yang mana tertinggal dalam bentuk entri.. :) Hehehe.. OMG, Aidan is now one, and everything about him, mummy updated here, from his Day 1, and even before he arrived.. My oh my, the complete Year ONE! :)) Hehehe.. :P Thanks everyone who witnesses his growth.. :) and the support that you guys have given us.. Thanks again.. :)

p/s: Nak tengok Aidan menari?? Next entry kay?? :))

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