Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey you, active baby LOVE!

Alhamdulillah, yesterday, mummy got the chance to see my baby again.. Aidan's future brother or sister, Allah's will.. :)

Actually, mummy and daddy brought Aidan to see the doctor, after 1 sleepless night sebab Aidan caught with flu, and nose blockage lagi.. The kicik rasa tak selesa sangat nak tido, and resulted to, tido tak jerab.. Pity him.. Since the doctor dah checked on him, mummy decided to proceed with my treatment lak.. Sebab nowadays, cepat sangat melatah, and terkejar2 sana sini for Aidan sebab he is learning to stand and walk, and sometimes mummy risau, takut dia jatuh and stuff.. So, memang perut sometimes cramp.. * Sigh.. :P

Mummy decided to listen to my baby's heartbeat, sebab nak make sure that he or she is doing great inside.. Thanks to Dr Ayu, sebab tolong check kan for mummy and she was so nice towards me throughout the check up.. We did ask her if it was possible to know the gender of my LOVE, and jenuh Dr Ayu mencari kanan and kiri, sebab my baby memang refused to show her or us, the gender just yet.. Hehehe.. My baby would move, and terbalikkan badan, angkat kaki, turun balik, terbalikkan badan some more.. Hehehe.. Cute.. :) Dr Ayu kata, oh my, he or she is so active, and mummyh went.. "Jenuh la mummy lepas ni with both kiddos.. Kekekeke.. " tapi mesti exciting to see Aidan, interacting with his baby sis or brother, kissing, hugging, playing, and tarik rambut some more?? Huhuhu.. :P

I love you baby LOVE!!! :)) Daddy, mummy and Aidan love you so so so much.. :)

p/s: Aidan's new word, 'Nak.. nak.. nak.. ( with head's nodding and tangan tunjuk mintak2.. :P' Cute..
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