Thursday, September 2, 2010

Remember September??

September is my new favorite month.. Not only it's my hubby's birthday, but it is also Aidan's birthday.. Yup, my memorable date, September 13th.. :) The day i gave birth to my beautiful prince, my everything, and everything in 1! My joy, my pride, my all.. :)

Looking back 11 months ago, i was all scared with my conditions as i was suspected with pre- eclampia.. On this very date, yours truly was all bloated, with pale skins, low amniotic fluid (duhhhhhhh!), and crazily high blood pressure.. Huhuhuhu! But that's about it.. The sad sad story ended when i first laid my eyes on this amazing, tiny person that i called my own.. My son!

And NOW, not only he wins my heart every single day without fail, he just completes me.. An amazing, INDESCRIBABLE feeling, even a father can't feel it, or can even see it.. It sure is different when it comes to LOVE.. Not that they don't love the kids, but a mother's LOVE is.......... a mother's LOVE! See, we just can't explain it!! Kekekeke..

If only he knew that on this very date last year, i was all fighting for both of us.. Back and forth to the hospital, and being so worried for him.. Only Allah knew how i felt at that moment.. Thank you Allah, for all the blessings, and for showing me how strong this love of my life is.. He has been fighting for his life since he was still in my womb.. Not giving up on me, and made me realized that he was and still the best teacher who taught me about life, in a very unique way.. I care less about those things i used to chase to be, but wanting to have a quality life, with peace and freedom signs attached to it..

Now, i saw him grow.. From being such a tiny little baby, to his army crawling, crawling, hang on things with one hand and sometimes no hands (hehehe), with his noisy sounds, imitating my noisy sounds (hahaha).. He is all a big boy now!

My life won't be the same anymore.. I know.. But whatever it is, i promise you Aidan, i will give you the best, and that's a promise.. You deserve it.. You are my son!

p/s: Mummy with my 'cedey' mode.. :( Huhuhu..

p/s: Such a strong boy, that' why cepat nak dapat adik.. Hehehe..I am sure, you gonna be a great brother to your adik2.. But trust me, in my eyes, you are still my baby.. :) FOLLOW THE RULES ABOVE! :P

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