Thursday, September 23, 2010

What 'song' are you?

I don't know whether the things i want to share today is something yang you guys pun experience or not.. Something like deja- vu, but it is not.. Well, it actually brought you back to this place, or this time, and whom you mix around at that particular time.. Some people would experience this bila ternampak something yang he or she used to have, or play with, and ooohh, yup, perfume pun sama.. It might help to bring you back to your childhood days, uni days, and oh my, 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden really screams 'my secondary school life'.. How i miss my days back then.. :)

And the one thing that really hit me real hard is when i got to listen to the songs that i used to listen to then, or the song that may be a hit at that point of time, when you were surrounded by friends, loved ones, and when you felt that your life was super duper complete.. And maybe you too, just loved to sing along everytime the radio played the song.. I had my haunted song.. Thanks to John Meyer.. :P

Some people just love the mainstreams.. Go for the pop songs, and yeah, i too like to listen to some of them, i mean their songs, but my passion and love towards song has got nothing to do with Spears, Aguilera, Simpson, or even Gaga! Hehehe.. Yup, catchy songs they have there, but that's not really my passion or my cup of coffee.. (okay, i did actually have some of their cd's back then.. well, i was searching for my real passion, and okay, i admit, they were all cetak rompak.. hehehe) I just love those artists that i find creative, unique (yup, not as unique as Gaga and her OMG! wardrobe - btw, is that unique to you? that screams, 'hey, look at me.. here.. hello, you, with the red cap, hellloooo, here!'.. You got me?? :P

I do love Dido, Bjork, Damien Rice, the amazing Richard Ashcroft, John Meyer, Jack Johnson (thanks to daddy), 30 seconds to Mars, Beetles, John Lennons songs are legendary.. :) and this Spanish group by the name MANA with Hechicera.. Brilliant! Do we need to be 'IT' to make it BIG?? These are some of the geniuses in the music industry and trust me, they don't wear 'meat' as part of their 'costume'.. Man! ( except for Bjork, when she was spotted 'carrying' her swan to the MTV awards.. Well, she's different, okay?? Because her personality suit her songs, and her voice.. She sure is not a copycat! Bravo to Bjork.. :)

So, what are your songs??

These are mine.. Some of my favs.. :) Enjoy!!

Something that brings me back to awang- awangan.. Hehehe.. I love this song soooo much!

One brilliant artist with NICEEEE voice.. :)ohhhhh, my uni days wouldn't be the same without this song.. :)

Her album was the 'bomb'.. Every tracks were lovely, and this song, is pure perfection.. :) MY uni days, i used to listen to her songs in my cute blue kelisa.. :)

Ohhh Jared... :) Love this song?? Wait till you hear the accoustic version.. Something that i love to listen to in order to loosen up all stress etc.. :) Here is the other version.. :)

Yup, he sings better kalau LIVE! Huhuhu.. Love his voice.. :)

It reminds me of Caleb, my brother in law.. He let me listen to this song, and i fell in love with it in a second.. Lovely!! Please, listen to it, and enjoy.. It sure is a nice song.. :)

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