Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday.. September 30th.. Happy Birthday daddy Aidan!! May Allah bless you always, and looking forward to a pleasant, brighter future together.. :)

Thought of having this small celebration just the 3 of us, just having makan2 @ dinner together, but when we were at MIL's house, she surprised me with ikan pekasam, the one i was craving like mad, and still longing for more.. Hahaha.. Thanks mama! So, niat kitorang pun tunda la sebab masing2 dah kenyang.. Hehehe..

Takper lah daddy, you celebrate sekali lah with the kicik on 10 10 10.. Hehehe.. :P

Happy Birthday, again.. :)
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