Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nak promote!

Okay, hari ni mummy nak promote few blogs, yang able you to do some shopping online.. It can be blogs on products or simply services.. From none other than my family members, and also my dearest friends, that i call my family too.. :) Please have a visit to each of the blogs, and mana lah tau, it might meet your interest at some point.. :) Hehehe.. Okie dokie..

My sis- Sha's blog - a blog on shopping2!! For bags, sunglasses and all, at cheap prices, all the way from USA! Please have a look! :)

My nephew- Baem's blog
- a blog on shopping2 for personalized t shirt, and guess what mommies, this very creative nephew of mine, has come up with nursery rhymes t shirt for kids, and although you may not find it in the blog just yet, as the blog is actually very new.. :) You can also order some wall decors for your kids room (REMEMBER mummy mentioned about 4 frames of animal cuts for Aidan's room?? They were all hand made by our dearest Baem.. and later i will post it here.. :)

My lovely Evie - The Wedding Fairies blog
- a blog on event planner, and you can actually find beautiful wedding dais for either wedding itself or cukur jambul! Beautiful2.. :)

My sweet Jaja - The Baking Fairies blog - a blog on cakes, cuppies, and cookies.. it screams nothing but nyum3.. :)

My beautiful Kak Lisa - Tanamera Wellness Spa blog (Kak Lisa's branch- hubby's cousin)
- a blog on the product and services you can find in tanamera wellness spa! You will be amazed with what is install for you there, and the therapists are just professionals.. Don't simply judge on their kurus2 figure.. Hehehe.. Once they put their hands on you, haaaa, baru tau.. Kekeke..

Okie dokie.. enjoy their blog, guys.. and seriously, browse, jangan tak browse.. Hehehe.. :)
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