Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aidan on the move.. :)

Yesterday, we brought our kicik together with us to see Dr Siti.. One excited big brother, this little fella was.. Not that he was excited to see his baby adik, or anything close to that.. Hahaha.. He was all excited to.. walk! Yup, that was the second time, we let him on his own foot (long journey), making ways to the waiting hall, and not just that, the kicik felt so overwhelming, that he decided to make rounds over there- ehhh.. ehhh.. macam doc plak! Kekeke, and mummy just happy to see him, happy.. :)

He even made his way to the doc's room, and nasib baik daddy sempat grabbed him.. Boleh plak nak main 'ketuk2 pintu', like asking to get inside.. Hehehe.. As ramai jer semalam sibuk with waiting, and treating and stuff, my kicik pun sibuk.. Sibuk kacau orang! Hahahaha.. :)

p/s: Check up with Dr Siti went well, and as usual, anak pemalu dalam tummy sorang ni still nak main sembunyi2.. Hehehe..

To my LOVE..

Dear LOVE,

This is your mother, wrtiting.. Hehehe.. Just to let you know, that it has been 5 months already, and you gave me nothing but pure pleasure (minus the tummy cramp thingy - hehehe.. buat camner, your brother is still small, and still need my attention.. sometimes i need to lift him up, and it is not you, who causing it, and it's not aidan too.. well, it's mummy's job right??) :)

So far, we are doing marvellous, and you, my second one, make it so easy for me, and i have no sickness at all.. Everything is soooo smooth, with you.. I can sense something special about you.. I am dreaming the best for you.. And i am sure i can depend on you.. I know that you are strong! And i know that you and Aidan will be the best children i could ask for, and i am blessed to be part of your life.. :) Love you dear.. The 3 of us are so excited to see you, this coming March.. :)

p/s: Pray so hard that you will be easy on me on 'that day' too.. Hehehe.. We shall go through it together.. Grrrrrrr.... :P

Haaaa, Aidan lak nak gi check doc dalam bilik tuh.. Hahaha.. :P

Haaaa.. kan?? 'Hello doc, how are you today??' :P

Bila angkat dia, and let go, terus nak ke bilik doc balik.. Sian daddy, lenguh melayan si kicik.. :P

Aidan.. Aidan.. Luv you, baby! Kasut macam kasut Tok Wan.. :)
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