Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bemz the best!, and 'adik's' personalized romper! :)

Hi all!! Lagi entry nak promote our Abang Bemz.. Hehehe.. Okay2, remember last time, mummy ada promised to make an entry on Abang Ibrahim's Animal- Cut- Shaped- Siap framed (hahahaha!) creations?? So, the pictures of what he did for Aidan's bedroom adalah seperti di bawah! Chewahhh! Hehehe..

Okay, actually.. Our Abang Bemz terima orders, if you guys interested la.. You can actually show him the pictures that you like, and he will do it for you.. Pricing? Depends on the pictures, and i think it is better if you can discuss with him yourself.. :)

As for Aidan nyer animal- cut- framed ni, mummy asked for 'Safari/ Animal' theme, and i got these pics from the internet.. :) Yup, you may come across these pictures, yourself.. :) Ada jer jual gambar2 ni, but wayyyyy toooo expensive, and i just love those that have sentimental values, and for my nephew to do all these for my son's room, memang lah mummy akan support 100%.. Hahaha.. Btw, gambar ni tak really flat okay?? Ada unsur2 3D, that's why CLASS!! And they were all handmade.. So, awesome!

Saper2 yang interested, you can simply email me at : :)

Pictures perfect.. Just love them all.. Yes, Aidan mmg being surrounded with animals jer.. Hahaha.. Playroom Aidan pun Safari, but his room baru ada mix this and that.. Bukan apa, it is good to expose kids with animals, as it may help them to have this feelings of LOVE, ada soft spot towards nature, and can lead them to be responsible, if they have one, that they can call 'pet'.. If Aidan later ada pet, we gonna name it 'Coco'.. :) Monroe will always be our virtual pet.. :)

Giraffe.. Cute!

Zebra.. :) If you can see, they are all not flat, as ada unsur3 3D there.. The eyes are actually buttons.. :)

Lion.. :)

Monkey, with hanging banana.. :)

Super duper cute!! Email me!!

p/s: He also designed for t shirts, and for kids, ada nursery rhymes t shirt - Super duper cute! and you can come up with personalized t shirts for your whole family.. Best2.. Yup, printing dibuat sendiri di rumah.. Hahaha.. Lucky him, when my sister supports him all the way.. :) Harga pun boleh di bawa bincang.. Tak mahal!! Murah jer!! Percayalah!! Hehehe..
Ooohhh, yes, remember tak, masa mummy came up with Aidan's personalized romper and towel dulu, now, for 'adik', mummy let Abang Bemz do the t shirts for our family, and we both just love the concept.. Once siap, and 'adik' is here, we will post an entry here.. :) But, mummy will come up with my own version for our 'adik' too.. Mestilah, mummy buat untuk Dan Dan, kena gak buat untuk 'adik'.. Hehehe.. :) Tunggguuuuuu.. :)

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