Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bye.. bye.. Mummy's Qalif Aidan! :(

Love is to be shared, and this blog of ours, that tell stories about our family, oh yes, my kiddo, especially him is now known as, 'That Cute Little Romper'.. :) Yup, we have changed the name, and we shall stick to this name from now on.. :)

Yup, previously, mummy used this name for our 'business' blog.. Hahaha.. But business pun tak jalan2.. The one mummy decided to jual kids stuff.. Yup, long way back to that said entry.. Rasanya masa Aidan 2-3 months kot? Hahahaha.. No more 'Mummy's Qalif Aidan..' Sob.. sob.. sob..

But, we are sooooo very happy that the reason being for us to change the blog name is that, we are going to share this blog with another love of our lives, Aidan's coming adik, and it will be super if he or she can also leave his or her marks here.. (Yup, and also helped mummy in a way, so that she doesn't have to log in this blog and log out this one, and back again log in this blog, sebab lupa nak update few important things.. hahahaha = KALUT) So, sharing is caring, right.. :)

Okie dokie.. please, visit us if you have time, kay?? Hahaha.. Suka suki jer mummy.. :P But, seriously.. You are most welcome here, guys! Mmuuaxxx!

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