Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky- wooky Halloween!

It brought me back to years and years ago, when we visited my sister Sha, and her family in Arizona.. We went there in October, and had the chance to experience this so called halloween day.. It was a fantastic day, especially for the kids, since it is the time for you to go from one house to another, and no need to wear your muka tembok, and can simply ask for candies and more candies.. At least, we did that.. Hahaha.. Still remember, my sisters and nieces plus nephew made a round in the neighbourhood.. Awesome!

Pumpkins also a must during that day, and still remember my brother in law, Caleb came home with 3 pumpkins, for us to carve, and use our creativity to make them as scary as we could, and to be frank, ended up, they weren't that scary at all.. More to friendly- pumpkin- ghosts.. Hehehe.. :)

So, this year, i brought Aidan to experience Halloween in BSC.. They have this small indoor carnival (kalau outdoor kan best?) with lots of games, and prizes to be won.. But, not that we played anything there, we just walked around, and enjoyed the spooky- wooky decorations! So nice, and immediately i missed my sister, Sha! Ohhh, free admission, as they had it at the concourse, so that explains all.. It was open to the public, and why not, jalan2 with the kicik, and let him meet few of the Spooky-wooky characters, like Medusa, Beetle Juice, and many others.. :)

At first, i wanted him to wear his Super- power costume, but i kept it first, just in case the costume thingy tak start lagi.. Hahaha.. Tak nak lah nampak mummy plak yang nampak enjoyed the most, hahahaha.. And i was right, the costume thingy started at 5, and we went there a little bit early.. Hahaha.. Simpan jer lah.. :P But, i did catch few boys, and girls in their costumes, chomeiiii, but naaaahhh, nevermind.. :)

So, the trip was fantastic, and i am sure Aidan loved it.. :) At least, mummy and daddy did.. :) Daddy even mentioned, that it would be awesome if they could have it outdoor, or in short 'the real outdoor carnival'.. Maybe next year, dad.. :)

Upon arrival, muka letih nak tido, but terus segar after being approached by Casper and friends.. Hehehe.. :)

And the fun begins.. Jom tgk, the games and all.. :)

Aidan amazed with this character, which mummy scratched my head so hard, sebab couldn't figure out, the name of the caharacter.. Hmmm..

Admiring the decor.. The kicik for sure pandang kiri and kanan, like 'wow!.. wow!.. wow!'.. :P

Love the scary tree.. So, Corpes Bride.. Now, Where Johnny Depp?? Huhuhu.. :)

Some of the costumes you can find there.. :)

Medusa.. :)

Aidan tried to scare everyone with his eye popping out glasses.. Hehehe.. 'Tak takut punnnn'.. :P

He goes 'waaaaaaaggghhhhh!'..

After a minute, 'Okay, i give up!..' Hahaha..

You look 'cool'.. :P

Okie dokie.. looking forward for next year.. At least, at that time, Aidan dah able to walk, and maybe play some games there.. :)) Yeah!

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