Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congrats to Ieja! Her new title now, 'wife'..! :)

Hi peeps! How are you guys doing?? Happy Sunday y'all!! Yup, we just got back from a wedding reception.. Ieja's wedding, hubby's second cousin, and she looked sooooo.. beautiful, just like a princess.. :)

We attended both solemnization ceremony (yesterday) and reception (today).. There goes our Saturday and Sunday, :) hahaha, loaded with nasi minyak! Hehehe.. But it sure is nice, as we able to meet up with family, Mama's side, Kedah's family, which i never found myself, feeling awkward and what not.. Hahaha.. Yup, i feel like a family as bila buka mulut jer, haaaaa, slang Kedah jer semua orang.. Hehehe.. :)

Okie dokie, congrats again sweety.. May you lead a happy life with your loved one, and next year, Ieja's turn plak, kay?? Hehehehe.. You know what i mean.. :P

Our pics during :

Solemnization ceremony - At first sampai, Aidan wasn't really in the mood, sebab baru bangun tido, and yup, knowing this little fella of mine, he took quite some time to blend with others, and bila dah lama sket, baru nak explore this place, that place, and back to this place, NON-STOP! yup, it's hard to see him walk, sebab Aidan lebih kepada berlari, okay?? Kita tengok, kita yang penat! Hahaha.. :)

While waiting for Tok Kadi to proceed with doa and stuff, mummy and son had our mommy- son time.. Snap2!! :)

... and he sure liked it.. :)

Mama (the very left) and her sisters.. What a happy face, sebab lama tak der gathering2 and stuff.. :)

Hantaran.. :)

Being the center of attention, and Makngah keep on asking me about Aidan.. Thanks Makngah for your love and attention.. :)

This is the second pic i snapped with Tokma inside the pic.. The first attempt memang tak jadi.. Tokma wanted to hold Aidan while i snaped their pic together, but this kicik of mine refused to seat still and nak lari sana, lari sini.. Huhuhu..

Aidan with Harith and Aniq.. Susahnyer nak tangkap gambar diorang.. Hahaha.. Sebab masing2 like very active.. This will do, lah.. :)

The bride and groom.. Sama cantik, sama padan.. :)

Tokba, and cucu.. Aidan.. :)

Before we left, wajib satu gambar with the couple, right?? :)

Reception - Today, not really formal, so we decided to wear something casual, and lucky us, it was more like a garden wedding, and being held outside the community hall.. Hehehe.. If not tak pasal2 Aidan kepanasan, as at first, i was so eager to dress him with his bow tie and all.. Hahaha.. Instinct mummy dah rasa macam nak kena relax2 jer nih.. Hahaha..

Whatever it is, the wedding was just beautiful, and the bride and groom chose white plak for reception.. So nice.. :) I still remember my wedding, and i picked white during my solemnization.. Tiba2 jer teringat.. Ahaks! :)

Before we left for the reception.. at home, Aidan was.. everywhere.. Jenuh kejor.. :P

I just love his shirt.. Bugs! So cute.. Actually this is Aidan's baju raya, Opah bought for him.. But now baru boleh pakai.. Hehehe.. Yup, still besar sket.. Thanks Opah!

Muka tahan ngantuk ker?? Bukan baru bangun, anak mummy? :P

With Tokma, walaupun tak sempat nak pose together, mummy snapped jer one pic dulu.. Since Aidan takder plak nak nangis or nak minta turun.. :)

Look at her wedding gown.. So... beautiful.. Class! :)

Lovely couple.. :)

With Aunty Qistina, and Achik Ieta.. :)

Me and my baby.. :)

Ooooh, lupa.. me and my babies.. :) Hehehe.. Camner mummy leh lupa, kan?? Hehehe..

My God, i am so gumukkkssss.. 6 months now.. Huhuhu..

Simple and nice.. :)

With Tokba, Tokma, Achik and Asu.. :)

Hehehe.. tiba2 ter- snapped gambar daddy, asking for me to take drinks for him.. Hehehe..

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