Friday, December 24, 2010

The Kardashians versus The Jenners!

Hahaha.. Tiba2 blog i jadi ala2 E-news.. Hahaha..

Keeping up with the Kardashians, is a reality show about life of the 3 fab sisters, and their family and not to forget, The Jenners.. Yup, after the father passed away, Bruce Jenner married the mother, and being blessed with 2 pretty girls, Kendall and Kylie.. Gorgeous girls!

Through the reality show, macam2 that we've got to witness about the family, their ups and down, and what i love most is that, memang macam2 drama yang kita came across, but eventually the siblings stick together like glue, okay?? That's how it should be, so memang real habis lah.. Hehehe..

I used to follow this reality show, and although the camera kept on rolling and focus so much on the 3 hot chicks, i've got this feeling that the 2 girls at the back mesti one day pun naik gak macam the sisters.. Kendall is soooo gorgeous, but through the reality show, Kendall macam boy-ish sket, unlike Kylie yang suka berlipstick and what not.. I just love to watch Kendall..

Since the focus was only on the 3 gorgeous ladies, Kim lah yang nampak like very outstanding, and yup, memang she was the one that making big pun, but during the reality show, the Kardashians pun dah pandai start to plan this business and that, sebab ambil peluang from the reality show itself.. Khloe and Kourtney, both sempat buka business in Miami and what not, and lucky them, they made it BIG too.. :) Sambil menyelam, minum air.. Hehehe..

So, dah lama tak follow the reality show.. and today, after i saw Khloe's blog, teringin nak tengok what's new with them.. I know that she is now a married lady, to Lamar, and Kim pun asyik jer update het twits, so i got to know few things la, this and that.. Not that i know her in person pun.. Hahaha.. Sajer jer nak tau what's happening in her 'hollywood' life (and dok berangan sorang2) kekeke.. So, bila i enter jer the blog, and scroll ke bawah, i saw this one ad, and it was Kendall.. She modelled for this prom dress thingy! OMG, she looks so stunning!! And wait, the height?? Since when?? Masa tengok the show, she wasn't that tinggi pun, but now, she is! Cantik, just like a model, and i saw that she is looking forward to model for Chanel.. Her ultimate dream.. Oh, how sweet! I wish you the best, Kendall!. :)

Lepas tengok gambar ni, i terus ke yahoo, and carik image on her (Kendall Jenner).. Lagi banyak gambar2 cantik, since i think dia dah pun start her modelling career, but she is still young.. She is 14 /15 years old like that.. But her figure, heights and that gorgeous look nampak dah matang.. I am not so sure whether that's good or not, sebab nanti nampak like too old for her age.. hahaha.. but she is Da, Bomb!! :) Go and check it out!

Khloe's blog :

p/s: Habislah Kim pasni, camner nak cari makan? Kekeke..

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