Monday, December 6, 2010

Look at my chubby face.. Yup, 6 months dah start puffy here and there.. :)

Say HI! to Princess Qaireen.. :)

HI!!! Yup, yesterday i got to meet my new friend, Jaja.. I met her online, and she is soooo nice, and very humble.. :) Her princess, Isya @ Qaireen is sooo adorable, and behave so well too.. Hehehe.. We decided to meet up after few chit chatting sessions, sebab bila sembang jer walaupun tak pernah jumpa, dah macam kenal 100 years.. Hahaha.. :)

Yup, you won't come across Aidan's pics, sebab yours truly and hubby decided to leave him at Tokma's since daddy pun ada keje di The Curve, and it would be hard for me to handle him, myself now.. Kalau dulu lain, Aidan pun tak berapa nak buat hal sangat, but now, macam2 dia nak buat, nak observe, nak try, and during our visit to DEMC last Saturday pun, sibuk jer anak teruna sorang tuh, ke sana sini, nak naik escalator and stuff.. Huhuhuh.. Jenuh! But boys will always be boys.. :)

Qaireen yang chumel, later aunty will bring Dan Dan bila kita jumpa lagi, okay?? Aunty Jaja nak jumpa Aidan, but nak buat macam mana, nanti mummy tak terkejar.. Hehehe.. Nice to see you guys, and see ya again soon! :)

Say HI! Qaireen.. :)

Waiting for Jaja, and little Qaireen.. Rupa2nya both of us dah sampai but tunggu at different place.. Huhuhu.. :P

Hahaha, serious, tgk gambar ni teringat my SIL's nyer pose.. Hehehe.. Lebih kurang lak.. Hahaha.. tak percaya, gi sini.. :P

Mummy and daddy miss you Aidan! Aidan kat rumah Tokma.. Sian dia..

We imitated our son's expression.. Dan Dan, smelly camner?? Hehehe.. :P
We sure missed him a lot!

Ni la baby Qaireen chumelll.. :) Hi!!!

And her mummy, Jaja.. :)

Ooooh, we saw these candies there.. For those yang nak buat Safari themed party, these are just perfect for party favors.. :)

Cute nyerrrr.. :)

And biasalah, live performance, musim2 Xmas ni.. :)

Baby Qaireen, lebih excited to see his GIraffe candy, nampak gayanyer.. :)

.. and yours truly yang gigit kuku jer, sebab terpaksa tinggalkan Aidan.. Cedeyyy..

Stopped at the weekend playground at the curve yang quite boring gak, because of the not so well planned location.. Terceruk, but still we decided to try, sebab they offered RM10 if you succeed.. Okay lah, try jer.. Eeeekkkkkkkk! The alarm bunyik, and i failed to complete it.. Hehehe.. Check out my 6 months old tummy.. :) Hehehe.. Hey, if you guys nak tau, Qaireen is 6 months, meaning to say, when her mother delivered her, i got to know that i plak yang pregnant.. Hehehe.. Cute! :) Tag team... :P

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