Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 months and 16 days to go.. :)

Hello my beautiful princess,

Mummy, daddy and Aidan are preparing things for your arrival.. :) We are so excited, dear.. OMG, insyaAllah, we'll be seeing each other pretty soon.. Time flies, sedar2 jer lagi 2 bulan and 16 hari jer lagi.. Isn't it great? Pastu, mummy can call myself mommy of 2! Hehehehe..

Nowadays, your brother, Aidan is very2 manja.. Macam mana lah later kan, when you are here with us.. Aidan for sure need to adapt to new environment with a baby sister tagging along ke sana sini.. Hehehe.. But i am so sure that he would welcome you with open arms.. :)

Everything should be ready in a month time.. I can't entertain last minute preparation, due to my history, but i am hoping and praying that it won't- forever- happen again.. :) InsyaAllah.. :)
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