Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating 010111, with hubby, Dan Dan and my little princess.. :) Yup, that's my 7 months tummy.. Biasalah kalau nak tangkap gambar sendiri and make sure everybody is inside.. Hahaha.. Kelam kabut pic, but the sentimental part yang mahal.. Kekeke.. :P

And ofcoz clearer version of both of my LOVE.. Dan Dan and baby princess.. Now, mummy teach Aidan to call baby H, princess.. :) So that, later on, instead of introducing her baby sister to people as, "this is my sister, baby H", he goes, "this is my sister, princess".. :) Hehehe.. Cute jer.. :)

It's 010111.. Happy New Year guys!
... and Happy Birthday to my beloved brother in law, Caleb! :))

2010 was a fun ride.. I went through my ups and down, but still i am here, and looking forward for a nice one this year.. :)

This year's celebration is just simple.. We stayed at my sis's place, and went to bed early.. Hahaha.. At least for me.. I am not feeling very well now.. I've got the whole package - fever, cough, flu, and biasalah body ache due to my pregnancy.. so, last night i went to bed at 9, and missed all the celebrations.. But, bangun pagi, rasa worth it.. I needed that rest like sooo much! :) But it was still a celebration for me, and my reasons are, so that i could have enough sleep, and loosen up all my muscles a little, starting my new year, feeling oh so fresh! :)

Ohhh, and this morning as we went out to find some breakfast, we noticed the flat tyre, and mana lah nak cari kedai yang buka new year nih kan?? Hehehe.. Ended up, we just stayed here in Shah Alam.. Niat nak balik rumah terpaksa hold dulu.. Glad that my sis, Ummi and Anjang came lepak2 di rumah, and with the kids around, Aidan tak der lah boring sangat, and how sweet to notice that eventhough Aidan is still a baby and very small to understand things, my nephews still tarik Aidan to join them, so that he wouldn't feel left out or anyhting.. How sweet.. :)

All and all, it's a beautiful start for 2011.. To be with your loved ones, and to enjoy each moment together.. So, goodbye 2010 and hello, 2011! :)

With Opah sayang.. He is one manja boy, okay? We both just love you Opah.. :)
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