Monday, January 17, 2011

Learn a word a day!

Teringat zaman sekolah rendah dulu.. My school promoted this 'Learn a word a day programme' whereby, the students were told to prepare one note book, to jot down new word being introduced daily.. Basically, everyday, a student was asked to come up with one new english word with meaning, and announced it to the whole school.. And all students would simply jot them down into the note book.. Missing Sekolah Sultanah Asma! :)

Back to my entry, i am one proud mom now.. Aidan is simply doing a good job in imitating and remembering things.. At this age, his learning process is quite tremendous, and we can simply expect the unexpected from him.. :) Nowadays, Aidan can respond oh so well to me and hubby.. He would simply use easy words to let us understand what he wants, and sometimes express them through his actions.. :)

Words that he knows to pronounce (his way lah.. kekeke):

1. Nak, nak, nak ( with action, as he would give me his bottle ) or anything yang dia nak

2. Ball

3. Daddy, sometimes Baba

4. Mama, during bath time jer keluar that word.. Sebab nak mandi sendiri, tak nak mummy tolong dah.. So, bila nak stopkan mummy, he would say.. Maaa maaa! :)

5. Dol!! (actually Goal! - you should see him saying Doll!! sambil both hands lifted up.. hehehe.. he goes 'DOLL!!')

6. TV3 (eek ekk aaa - once in a while jer keluar sebab he is so into the TV3 commercial song tuh..)

7. Bila daddy kata 'I love you', he went 'Yuu Yuu' for 'I love you too'..

8. When mummy asked him 'saper baby mummy?' he went 'tate' for 'saya!' sambil angkat both hands.. :)

9. Baby (baru pagi tadi.. kelakar sebab i was chit chatting with my hubby about Liz's handsome boy Aiden, with his combination of 2 words..kekeke) - Liz, Aiden is so funny! :)

10. Bubye, and now dah pandai salam cium tangan.. ) Alhamdulillah..

Able to identify things :

1. He knows 'cat'.. Sometimes dia sebut 'cat' but kadang2 Aidan came up with its bunyi "meow meow', but kalau kucing tuh besar sket, dia confused, Aidan terus buat bunyi 'ngauummmmm' ala2 harimau.. Kekeke.. :P

2. He knows 'bird' 'fish' 'dog' etc..

3. Dah boleh follow mummy sebut few animal names from his flash cards like - tiger, giraffe, dog, tapi bunyik yang keluar from Aidan macam kelakar, but the sound is almost the same.. :) Sebab kadang2 Aidan tak nak repeat the word he just said, mummy tak dapat nak detect them, but bunyik nak sama la..

Words yang Aidan tau tapi tak boleh nak sebut lagi :

1. Shoes (he will go and take his shoe, tapi tak tau nak sebut lagi)

2. Jom (he would stick to us, sebab tau dah nak balik or pegi jalan.. kekeke)

3. Kiss2 (he would kiss you, for sure)

4. Gigit2 (he would gigit you, and sakitttt..:P)

5. Give mummy (he would take the things yang dia tau apa dia jer and give it to you.. hehehe)

6. Bila mummy kata 'Bismillah' sebelum Aidan nak minum susu, dia tau mummy soh angkat tangan baca doa, and habis dengan 'amin'.. :)

So far, nih jer dulu.. 1 year and 4 months awesome young! :))
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