Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My sweet 2nd anniversary celebration.. :)

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top.. But something sweet and meaningful, will always do the trick.. :)

Yesterday, i've got a meeting in KL, and memang budget nak balik rumah after that, and spend my time depan TV, tengok Australia's Junior Masterchef.. Hahaha.. Currently, both hubby and I are soooo into cooking! We just love to watch the contestants memasak, and yes, kitorang memang pengkritik yang tegar.. Kekeke.. :P

Hubby told me that he would pick me up a little bit late, and i terus agreed to follow my colleague ke Empire, and tunggu hubby di situ jer.. So, off we went to Empire, and as we were looking around for plain t shirt (yes, for my friend's son and daughter- project with my nephew), then i saw hubby came with both hands sembunyi kat belakang.. Sweet! He bought me a rose.. :) Red rose! Only one, which ofcoz means a lot than a dozen! Hahaha.. tapi kalau dapat a dozen, mesti i kata, a dozen means a lot lak kan?? Kekeke.. No lah, sangat lah sweet bila hubby came and handed me a rose.. Nad, my new colleague kept on saying 'how sweet.. how sweet..'.. Hahaha.. :P

Hubby and i went for an early dinner, and cepat2 nak grab some cuppies home sebab dah janji nak celebrate our anniversary with Aidan that very night.. The food semuanya yummy2, and i even told daddy that i really wanted to bring his cousin, Kak Fair to that place, sebab Kak Fair and I are planning for a girlie2 date.. We wanted to go somewhere that we could chill up, and kalau boleh tak nak lah yang too crowded and stuff.. And yesterday's place memang very relaxing, and the salad is yummy too.. :) Yes, dah lama hubby and i tak keluar makan and enjoy food, like really enjoy food macam smalam.. Once in a while boleh la.. :) Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, smalam sempat merasa jadi pengkritik with hubby, ala2 masterchef! Kekeke.. Oooh, Kak Ijan, if you read this, jom join.. :) Tuh, Kak Fair pun dah ajak kat FB tuh.. :)

Okay lah, enough elaborations.. Let the pictures speak for themselves.. :)

Oooh, celebration last nite tunda plak pagi nih.. Sebab lepas fetched Aidan, he slept all the way home and sampailah pagi ni.. Hahaha.. It felt so good to see him, smiling while looking at the cuppy.. Alhamdulillah, this is the second time we celebrated our anniversary anak beranak.. :) Looking forward for next year, and years after that.. :)

Muka penat balik keje, but a rose will always make a girl smile, right?? :) Mummy yang dah nak bloated.. Huhuhu.. :)

Happy anniversary daddy.. :)

My strawberry fling.. :)

My simple dish.. salad.. Kak Fair, you will love it! :)

Well done chicken.. :)

A cuppy will do.. 2 candles = 2 years = and insyaAllah, coming 2 kids.. :)

All smiling, while looking at the yummy cuppy.. It's all about you, Aidan.. You are the one that makes us strong.. :) We love you! :)

... and 2 cute cookies for him and her.. :) and in our case, dua2 for Aidan.. :) Hehehe..

Simple celebration, but a sweet one.. :) Alhamdulillah..

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