Monday, January 3, 2011

My wall!

Yer, tajuk yang begitu straight forward, kan?? Hehehe.. My wall! Okay, mood nak mencantikkan rumah tuh selalu jer ada.. Hehehe.. Kesian jer tgk wall2 kat rumah.. Hahaha.. Kosong jer.. Once in a while i buka gak la websites, cari ilham, and yes dah dapat a few.. Tinggal nak execute jer lagi.. Tapi, persoalan nyer, bila? Huhuhu..

Bab2 nak mencantikkan, nak bagi ideas and all ni, memang semua daddy bagi mummy decide, sebab daddy lebih suka bila mummy just cakap dekat daddy.. "Daddy, tolong jap drill sini.." or "Okay, this one gantung kat sana".. Haaaa, that kinda thing.. Daddy tak nak fikir lebih2.. Hahaha..

Mummy just boleh tolong yang simple2 jer, like the wall stickers and few others yang tak memerlukan mummy panjat and all.. But knowing me, i like to be part of it.. Rasa macam nak betul2 perfect.. Ofcoz my ultimate dream nak ada wall decor yang pelbagai, and unique things that scream 'moroccan', and nothing too modern.. But i would also love to fill my house with pictures, and more pictures.. Like frames everywhere!.. It would make the space looks different, and at the same time, able to create this warmth, lovely feelings to those who live there, hahaha, and ofcoz saper2 yang datang melawat.. I have all that in mind.. Yes, frames everywhere, kalau setakat 'cenonet' baik tak yah.. Hehehe.. Nampak macam kelakar plak.. So, tunggu lah plak the right time nak execute all.. Huhuhu..

But now, mmg lah tak dapat nak buat semua tuh.. Dah la kitorang ni memang jenis tak cuci gambar.. hahaha.. Thanks to the technology, sebab bila kata digital jer, amik gambar, terus save dalam lappy.. Hahaha.. So, kenangan ke mana apa ke mana.. Nak tgk gambar jer, buka la kat lappy tuh, or simply project it to the tv, buat si kicik amaze jer tengok gambar2 lama and his video waktu kecik2.. Ooohhh, sweet! Aidan kalau tengok gambar sendiri and his video, dia rasa macam tu bukan dia, but other baby dalam tv.. Jenuh mummy kata "hey, that's Aidan.. Aidan masa kicik2" and he looked at me macam tanya "apa yang mummy cakap ni? Aidan kat depan mummy la.." hehehe.. (okay, dah lari topic.. kekeke)

Okay, inspirations for my wall.. Meh nak share sket.. :)

My wall now, jangan ketawa.. :P

Yerrrrr, ini gambar one of my walls di living room kitorang kat bawah.. Pintu straight to the wet kitchen, and you can see tombol pintu yang dah dikopak daddy, sebab tiba2 pintu tuh buat jam lak, and waiting to be replaced.. :) I need to make this area alive.. :)

Nice painting from my nephew, Ibrahim welcoming guests to the 1st floor.. Hahaha.. The upper floor.. :P

Still, we have a lot to do.. If only i have 36 hours in a day.. Wahhhh! And money to buy all the things that scream 'Modern Moroccan'.. :)

Dining area, and been thinking to make this place alive by using the bricks area as book racks.. and maybe place some good books, travelling books, a flower pot, cd player, and some picture frames of all our loved ones.. First, buat dulu bagi jadi rack, okay?? Kekeke.. And air- cond point atas tuh.. Mak aiii.. :)

I need a wall decor to be placed on top of my kitchen bricks.. Maybe those made from rod iron or something.. :)

Waaaaaa, these walls pun menangis gak.. Kekeke.. :P

Alangkah bagus nya jika menjadi begini.. :)

Since we have the red clock, hahaha, macam boleh jer selit this kinda arrangements kat rumah.. Need to focus hantar gambar pegi cuci dulu.. Huhuhu.. :P

.. and some elements of surprise.. :) Haaaa, this part, i would like to put the one on 'Live Laugh Love!'.. Hahaha.. Ala2, nak hint! :P Sukernyerrrr.. :)

Seriously, drooling over this one since it reminds me of Gerard Butler's loft.. OMG! So grand, so honest, and it sure looks soooooo comfortable! :)

Can i have those bricks holder in my kitchen?? But, i guess, this one can ask the carpenter jer yang potongkan and i can varnish them myself.. Cantiknya, they can hold some of my candles, pots, plants, and even my cook book.. Cook book?? Hahaha.. Kalau my sisters baca mesti gelakkan i.. Cook book.. :P

My ultimate dream, my Modern Moroccan look for upstairs.. :) Look at the color combinations, and the rough texture.. I love walls that have rough textures.. It makes the space look lively and have characteristics.. :)

Breath taking.. and very minimal.. Sometimes, less is more, and that kerusi panjang is oh sooo nice! So niceeeeeee.. :)

And the picture frames arrangement yang agak kelam kabut but works! It took away rasa boring to see well placed frames, siap sebaris and all.. Very creative! :)

And ofcoz satu wall in my house yang like so artistic, like 'tiba2 jer ada ruang macam ni.. '.. Hahaha.. It is for you to express apa2 pun.. I would love to hang my kids nyer art work here.. And ooohhhhh, later i will post you, Aidan's first artwork pic.. Aidan enjoyed his playing- with- colors- time! :)
p/s: Saya amat, ingin sangat2.. nak focus on rumah.. Uwaaaa! :P

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