Monday, January 10, 2011

Wonderful, colorful Sunday!! :)

"It's a bird, it's a plane.. No it's daddy's kite!!" Kekeke..

Wow, what a nice weekend.. Saturday we got to see Tokba and Tokma, walaupun tak lama lepak di Kelana Jaya.. Lamanya tak balik sana.. Good to know that everyone was doing fine, and Achik Ieta pun dah start her practical.. :) Congrats Achik, and good to know that you are enjoying yourself there.. :) In order to celebrate her, we decided to go out for dinner at Seksyen 13, Tupai2.. :) It was a nice 'lepak2' with Achik, and the food pun yummy.. Aidan memang tak sedar apa dah.. He slept masa nak pegi sana, dah sampai, and even dah balik pun still tak bangun juga.. Alamatnyer, memang sampai pagi.. Hehehe.. :)

Saturday, we decided to visit nenek.. Nenek jaga daddy, achik and asu masa kecil2 dulu, and baru2 ni something unfortunate happened to her.. Somebody came right infront of her house, masa nenek tengah berkebun, and tolak, siap pijak nenek sebab nak ragut rantai nenek and stuff.. Uishhh, sedih sangat.. Sebab nenek dah pun umur 76 tahun.. She is definitely old to handle benda2 macam tuh.. Tak pasal2 nenek nyer tangan patah, and yesterday when we saw her, rasa macam sedih sangat.. Sampai hati lah anak2 muda 4 orang tuh kerjakan nenek.. Padahal kalau diorang ugut saja pun, i am so sure nenek akan bagi her neckalce and stuff with an open heart.. Nih siap berparang and everything, memang kejam.. :(

But, alhamdulillah, tak lebih dari tuh yang jadi kat nenek.. We grabbed the chance to meet Cu juga.. Sue Ima Al- Kahiri.. :) I just love her nickname kat FB.. One nice person she is.. Suka sangat kat Aidan.. Angkat, peluk2 Aidan, and once in a while dok cakap Jepun ngan Aidan.. hehehe.. Yup, Aidan's face yang ala2 jepun tuh, selalu bagi orang nak cakap jepun jer ngan dia.. Hehehe.. He even layan tengok bola with Paksu, and shouted 'goal' and clapped his hands.. Such a cheeky boy, and Cu just love him, and his hair!.. :) Hehehe.. :)

Our Cu is a teacher and after she saw Aidan and through her observation, she said that Aidan ni fast learner, and the right approach for him in learning is through Kinestetic approach.. I guess, through movement and physical contact.. 2 other approaches are Visual and Audio.. Aidan is more on touching stuff.. I guess she was right, sebab Aidan lebih cepat tangkap words, bila i kasik dia pegang something.. Like 'ball' for example.. So, really need to study on my child even more.. Thanks to Cu for making me realize that it is important for me to understand what approach to use, in making my son's learning process, an effctive one.. She even told me that she would update me with that info.. So nice of you, Cu! :)

Petang, lepak umah Tokma and teman Tokma kejap, since our Tokba and her brother went to Malacca and Seremban, memanggil adik beradik to Ain's wedding next month.. By petang, we decided to make a move, sebab dah janji dengan si kicik nak bring him for layang2.. :) Achik and Asu came along, sebab when it comes to one nice family activity, why not kan?? :) Tokma pun patutnya join, but since she already changed her outfit and stuff, Tokma decided to stay in jer.. Takper Tokma, next time then.. :)

The person who was very excited adalah daddy and Dan2.. Hehehe.. Daddy sangatlah enjoyed himself main layang2, but since it wasn't that windy, berlarilah daddy kitorang.. Hahaha.. Punya lah jauh.. Jenuh yang lain2 ni ikut, and happy lah si kicik, sebab we just let him be, and biar dia enjoyed nature sket.. Berlari on the open field.. Freedom was written al over his face.. :) So, here are the pictures of yesterday's outing.. Nice one, and after this, maybe we should do this more often.. Sekali sekala lepak2 kena angin, sangatlah best (walaupun angin smalam ala2 kadar jer) kekeke.. And some food.. Next time then, sebab yesterday mana sempat nak prepare apa2.. Looking forward for the next one, Achik and Asu!! We had fun with you guys!! :))

Some of the pictures.. :) Enjoy! :))

Our colorful kite.. Wahhh, semangat! :P Kekeke..

Some of the parents and kids there.. It's ice cream time.. For us, no no no! Batuk! :P

Aidan just woke up.. And dok observe apa lah yang daddy tengah pegang tuh.. :)

Since Aidan ala2 jer sedar, mummy decided to try first.. "Cepat daddy, lepas.. ".. :)

Some of the layang2 there.. :)

Asu and Aidan.. Jenuh Asu dok melayan si kicik.. :)

Achik, helping daddy lak.. Daddy dah ready nak lari tuh.. :) Tunggu angin.. :)

Happy face.. Mummy selalu cair tengok his face.. Tambah2 bila senyum suka gitu.. Aidan happy, mummy pun happy.. Outing best!

Looking at daddy's kite.. :) Yer, tuh maksud kata, dah tinggi dah.. Hehehe.. :)

Kan Achik dah nak kena slow kan si kicik.. Pantang kata 'you are free..'.. Hehehe.. :)

See my kicik.. So happy!! Siap angkat tangan.. "Freedom!!".. :)

That's our daddy.. Yer, gambar jauh sebab tak larat nak kejar dah.. Hehehe.. :P

Expensive hobby.. Tapi best sangat.. Remote control aeroplane.. teruja kitorang tgk the tactics and stuff.. :)

Sweet.. tak nak Aidan ketinggalan.. Daddy even brought him along.. Tinggal tak pass the thing kat Aidan jer.. Kalau tak, jenuh berlari anak tuh sorang.. Kekeke.. :)

Hehehe.. bila dah lari sana sini, mesti lah ada adegan jatuh, tapi sebab seronok sangat, sikit pun tak nangis.. Kekeke.. :)

I am happy that you are happy, dear.. I love you! :)

I love this pic.. :) So cute!

Achik lak test power.. Hehehe.. :)

Nice.. :)

Trying to catch the kite.. :) Chomeiii.. :)

Sikit lagi.. sikit lagi.. :)

"Haaaa, dah dapat!" Kekeke.. Suka!

Sayang.. sayang.. sayang.. :)

He is one happy child, Alhamdulillah.. :) Mummy loves you, Aidan! :)

p/s: Mummy dah sedih, anak mummy dah besar.. Huhuhuhu.. :P
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