Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aidan's Gym Time!

Hey guys.. What a day today! We had so much fun with our kiddo.. He is indeed a happy child.. :) We just love to see him happy, all smiling, cheerful.. :)

Yup, i really wanted to share some pictures, wedding pictures of our dear Aunty Ain and his hubby, but i still need to wait for the pictures from our achik.. Yup, i didn't bring my camera to the said wedding.. Hahaha.. Forgetful mummy, yup, i have so much more important things to remember since i am about to enter my 9 months pregnancy.. Hahaha.. Alasan!.. :P

Okie dokie.. some of Aidan's pictures during his 'workout time'.. Kekeke.. Kata suka memanjat right?? :P

We can definitely spend like hours and hours here.. So much fun!! :)

All geared up for a fun- tastic 'workout'! :P

Yes, amik gambar dulu.. But my kiddo just couldn't focus, as he was all amazed with the place.. :)

Daddy, his loyal companion.. :)

Show some skills, huh?? :P

Yes, it's memanjat time.. I loikeee! :)

Aidan is big enough to play in this section, dah tak minat.. dia nak pegi yang......

ini plak.. kekekeke.. :)

Woooohooooooo!! :P

So fun when the parents play together!! :)

My happy boy!! :)

Hehehe.. So cute when daddy play his best friend.. :) Running together.. Macam main kejar2.. kekeke.. Sweet! :)

Sporting is all we need to make their childhood a fun one! :)

Mummyyyyyyy! But his version : Maaaaaaaaa!!! :)

His first experience with the 'real' slide.. :)

He was so happy and excited, mummy tak dapat nak tangkap gambar yang clear.. All smiling and gerak2.. :P

We love you, Aidan.. :)

Other facilities.. :) Best kan?? Ohhh, by the way, we entered this place for free.. Aidan's age is free of charge and as for parents, FOC jugerrrrrr.. :) Hehehe..

All and all, this outing is a fun one!! Yeahhhhhh.. ! :) We shall come back for more.. :)

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