Wednesday, March 16, 2011

False Alarm.. :)

Hey guys, thanks for sending me messages through FB and stuff, asking me about my condition and how you guys too, can't wait for the arrival of my little princess, H.. Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, although i am still not yet officially admitted (yup, been in and out of the labour room macam my second house plak.. hehehe) both of our conditions are pretty much excellent.. :)

In and out of the labour room?? Yup, due to my contractions, i was adviced to regularly visit the labour room, for check ups and CTG thingy.. Bukan time nak deliver jer boleh masuk labour room, okay?? Hehehe.. Yup, it's about time to really monitor my contractions as at anytime at all jer skang for me to give birth.. Yup, it's kinda painful but buat apa nak merungut di sini, like nobody plak pernah experience it.. Hehehe.. Yup, sakit memang sakit but i shall bear the pain for sure, for the sake of my mini me.. :)

Currently, i am staying with my family in Shah Alam, closer to DEMC for sure, and senang if let's say nak kena rush at early morning.. The reason for me 'diam' jer, is because.. It started at 2 o'clock, Monday morning.. I was sleeping like a baby when suddenly i experienced major back pain.. Yup, sakit sangat and for sure rasa lain sangat.. Then, at 3 something, my first REAL contraction hit me.. Oh my! So, that's the REAL contraction! I never experienced it before, and the ones i felt like weeks before memang sah bukan contractions, but maybe just normal stomach ache or gassy thingy.. But this one, memang sakit.. Huhuhu.. I could still bear it at first, and start lah my hubby and i timed my contractions.. I was thinking to myself 'Dah sampai masa dah ker nih?' since i wasn't THAT ready.. Hahaha.. I quickly headed for shower, siap2, and sempat grabbed few extra stuff for H, and off we went to my mom's, just to send my baby Aidan there.. Kesian my boy, he was sleeping all the way there, and not knowing what happened.. Sampai rumah Opah, he opened his eyes, and bley layan TV, tgk mummy ke sana sini kat rumah Opah before ke DEMC.. hahaha..

At that point, my contractions dah rapidly came and setiap 10 minutes plak tuh, and i dah set my mind yang anytime soon jer i could give birth to H.. Gelisah, seronok, wahhh, Tuhan jer tau.. hehehe.. The midwive came in, and start my CTG, and i had no idea why, contraction datang sekali saja masa tuh! Ehhh, main2 plak. Tadi tak ingat every 10 minutes rasa sakit, now sekali jer??? :P The midwive then start lah her normal procedure, checking up pintu rahim i, and guess what, still tutup.. But then, my contractions dah start sakit sangat2.. :(

Still, my EDD is actually on the 23rd this month, and dalam seminggu jer lagi.. I am praying that everything will turn out right during that time frame, and that baby H and I will work as a team, just like time mummy and Aidan.. :) Okay, dear.. :) I am praying for His blessings.. Amin..

And for all of you, thanks for all the wishes and prayers.. I am fine, and thank you everyone for being so generous and kind towards me.. I love you guys dearly.. :)

p/s: To Aidan's Tok Mummy, insyAllah Sara will let Khairi inform you once i am admitted.. And how glad i am that you wanna be there for me on that day.. I shall treasure all the lovely faces that come, for sure.. :)
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