Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aidan's new hair cut! Okay, not so new! Hehehe.. :P

Last 3 weeks, when Hessa and I got back from DEMC, daddy decided to bring Aidan for his first hair cut.. Mummy had no idea about it, and when they decided to go out, just the two of them, i thought it would be 10 minutes outing with daddy to 7E! Hahaha.. I was wrong! They came back like half an hour after that, and wallllaaa! My son had a new hair cut! No more curly cute hair, no more baby-ish look, and right infront of me, i saw daddy's own version of ALA2 Maddox! Hahaha, Brangelina's son! My goodness! I was both mad and surprised! Bukan apa, i seriously don't wanna miss anything like that, you know, his first day at school, first time at the zoo, and yes, his first hair cut! Grrrrrr! :P

Daddy did snap few pictures for me, and how overwhelmed i was when i saw few of the pics where my son was actually cooperating with the barber, and he for sure acted like a big boy! And yes, right after he had this haircut, i saw changes in terms of his behavior and all.. Aidan is no longer my baby Aidan, he is my little boy, and he acted just like one.. Yup, plus, right now, he likes to steal the limelight from the baby sister, and would for sure try to grab our attentions anytime possible.. Sometimes, he becomes a little bit cranky, and i can't blame him.. At the age of 1 year and 7 months old, he is now a big brother.. Kesian, but i just love to see him calling out for his baby sister, and kissing her, although sometimes he would try to grab his sister's hand and what not.. Huhuhu..

Okie dokie, some of Aidan's pictures during hir first hair cut.. :) Our own ALA2 version of Maddox?? :P If you ask me, i wanted Kingston's hairdo.. Yup, go go Gwen! :P Kekeke.. :P

Being all cooperative! He is for sure mummy and daddy's boy! Love ya!! :))

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