Monday, April 18, 2011

Her 1 month updates! and what a princess she is! :) Look at her fav sleeping positions.. :)

Alhamdulillah, my daughter dah genap 1 bulan.. :) From one day to another, i can see changes in terms of her physical and.. needs! :) Some updates on you, my baby!

1. Hessa's weight is yet to update.. Got to see Dr Cheng first for her 1st month injection.. :) Then only mummy update kay?? :)

2. Milk intake, 2 ounces (Mamex) and she is also still BF!

3. Sleeping pattern, longer during day time, and at night and early morning, hehehe, mummy- hessa time! Ayoyoyo.. Or should i say, it's TV time?? :P

4. Loving it when mummy or saper2 cuddle her, and dah nak jadi habit plak tido nak diriba.. Hmmm.. :)

5. Already fit 6 months romper (some of them la, yang cutting kecil sket.. :))

6. Her sleeping position, yes, ala2 princess yang sedang beradu! Hahaha.. Yup, my daughter is soooo girlie2! :)

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