Monday, May 9, 2011

Colorful Rainbow Akikah and Cukur Jambul Ceremony.. :)

Anya Hessa and Aidan's Akikah and Cukur Jambul Ceremony!

Date : May 8th, 2011

Venue : Mi casa.. :)

Theme : Rainbow!

Alhamdulillah, for the blessings.. Yesterday, we celebrated our dearest son and 1 1/12 months old daughter.. And akikah and cukur jambul seemed to be the best ceremony to celebrate them.. :) Again, alhamdulillah.. Syukur sangat..

It was a very sweet, small event, where hubby and i decided to invite just family members, neighbours and few of our close friends, and yup, it sure was great to see all of them.. I am so sorry that i did not invite all of my friends, and insyaAllah, i will invite you later, perhaps during birthdays, etc kay?? :))

Still letih from yesterday's event.. So, i am gonna leave you with some pictures of the said event.. :) Oh, before that :


Opah, Tokba and Tokma, family from both sides.. Thank you.. thank you..- FOOD

Evie dearie - LOVELY DAIS!! pls visit :)

Rizal (daddy's friend) - LOVELY PINK AND PURPLE CANOPY!!

Ima and Achik Ieta - for helping me out with all the other preparations.. :) Thanksss!

BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL, especially those who came!

LOVE LOVE to 2 of my 'Huhaaa's' - Sis Ijan and sis Fair! Thanks for coming, and Kak Fair came all the way from Penang! Love you guys so much!!

And ofcoz, thanks for the gifts - Aidan and Hessa received new t shirts, toy and new dress.. :) and ofcoz, mummy's fav gift - a rainbow cake from Aunty Zura! Check it out!!

Thank you.. thank you.. :)

Rainbow hot air balloon deco, so sweet!

Pink and purple.. :)

Food station.. :)

Star for that day, but in my case, she's me star for 'every- day!!'.. :)

Yasin for those who came.. :)

The lovely dais.. :)

Mummy and daughter.. LOVE LOVE!!

Simple, sweet decor.. Very minimal.. :)

Marhaban group.. Nur Hidayah, all the way from Kota Damansara.. Thank you Kak Maz! :)

My first time bercukur jambul.. Thanks Kak Chik for being with me, not only for that day.. But you always support me, like everyday!! Love you!

My son who refused to be left alone with others.. Siap nangis lagi.. Hai la anak.. :)

Come, mummy pujuk.. :P

And ofcoz the cukur jambul session.. :)

With Opah.. :)


Visit :

My right hand, the one who helped me to make the kids day a special one.. Our Achik Ieta! :)

The Hooohaaasss!! :))

Jom outing sama2 jom!! :)

The cute cake! :) Thanks Zura!

Even the layers are colorful! Chomeiii... :)

With Aunty Ijan.. :)

My superstar, super letih! Hehehe.. :)

With Fadd.. :) Love you, beb! :))

Nur Anya Hessa.. :)

My dear babies.. :)

I love to see her yawn! Super cute! :)

Both muka letih.. :)

Huh, habis jer event, mandi and ready to sleep.. :) Semua dah capek.. :) Hehehe..

My Spongebob-s!! :) Tq Ateh.. :)

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