Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fisher Price Online Games - ABC's Zoo!

Hi all,

Today, mummy nak share on something that really benefits our kids.. Yup, good things are meant to be shared here, in my blog!.. If they benefit us, they might as well benefit you.. :)) Sharing is caring! *wink2..

Okay, there are soooo many approaches out there, on how to teach our kids ABCs.. A good start to let them familiar with the alphabets.. I have come across with so many approaches, and some of them really work! I tried to introduce my boy with few of them, and he kinda like it, and actually really learn something from it..! :) Not that he knows which one is 'A' or 'B' but to let him familiar with the ABC's song is one of my approaches to teach him ABC! :)

But i know that sometimes children can easily feel boring if we failed to include some joy in their learning process. For example, if we simply show them the flash card and say 'A', 'B', etc, they can easily feel sleepy a.k.a boring! So, i came up with one approach that i find very effective or at least, works for my Aidan..

Aidan loves animal.. So, daddy googled ABC's zoo, and came across this online learning games by Fisher Price.. Such an amazing online learning games for kids! Each alphabet would be presented by 1 animal, e.g: A- alligator, B- bear, and followed by their sound.. :) Before we introduced Aidan the ABC's, we just imitating the sounds of each animals for weeks (not focusing on the ABC's at all), and he kinda like it! He would follow us and started imitating the sounds (he loves the 'oohhh oohhh aaakkk akkk' monkey sound! :P).. At this point, he just fell in love with the whole thing..

We let him familiar with the online games for months, and after that, we started to play the ABC's song that you can find on the right side of the ABC's zoo page. Such a cheeky song, that my boy would smile and smile, everytime we played the song for him.. I love to sing the song right infront of him (pretending that i am singing for myself, joyfully) and this little fella would show the same interest, for sure.. and don't be surprised, when your kids just stand up and decided to sing along with you, their first ABC's.. That's what my son did! :) At first, they would just make noisy sound, and then maybe just humming their ABC's, and after a while, you might hear their first real ABC's.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)

Currently, Aidan knows C, E, G, I,O, U, W (for W, he goes "dabebu" kekeke) and the rest still not very clear.. and if you notice those alphabets are alphabets yang di hujung2 lagu ABC.. hehehe.. A good start for sure.. :) Cute!

I am not saying that my son is VERY good in ABC's, and what not, NO.. He is still learning, but i love this online games, and i want to share the beauty of it with my fellow readers.. Good things are to be shared, and it would be awesome if it can benefit you as well.. So, start your online learning games for your kids, and please visit Fisher Price Online Games - ABC's Zoo NOW!! :)

MODE: Promoting Fisher Price.. :) PLAY, LAUGH, GROW!

Wait for Aidan's video on his ABC's song!! :)

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