Friday, May 6, 2011

My baby boy checking out our 10% siap garden.. Hehehe.. Baru 10%.. Masih merangkak kitorang nih.. :P huhuhu..

Let's go GREEN!

Hellooooo.. Been meaning to update my blog about what's happening or those that already happened.. But time really envied me.. With 2 kiddos at both sides, ofcoz mummy chose to pay my attention to them.. Although kalau pegi rumah Opah, my sisters and Gee ada to help.. :)

So, today sajer jer mummy nak update on my latest obsession.. Hahaha.. I am officially in LOVE with this healthy activity, and yup, it's gardening!! I can spend hours doing gardening, and to know that the place i am staying now is pretty much close to Bukit Subang nurseries (where you can get beautiful plants at cheap prices!), memanglah menjadi our new hobby to just drive ourselves there and buy few plants for the house.. Seriously, the plants are very cheap if to compare with those we can find in Damansara and PJ area.. :) And it would be so much fun to plant them ourselves.. :) With the right amount of soil, water etc2, walllaaaaa, siap! :)) Sooo nice!

It's a very healthy activity to do with the family too.. And we just love to see our kiddo pun sibuk jer nak siram pokok bunga, nak pegang bunga, and also nak TARIK/ CABUT bunga! Huhuhu.. Okay, memang Aidan dah berjaya tarik bunga mummy, yang mummy sayang sangat.. :P Daddy pun suka tolong when it comes to gardening.. But daddy lebih suka work on our rumput.. We tried to fix rumput Jepun right in Hessa's garden.. Garden?? Hahah.. Not yet finished.. Baru jer start, so kalau datang rumah tgk dua tiga jenis pokok jer, jangan lah ketawakan kitorang.. Kekeke.. At least something for her later.. :P

Okay lah, let the pictures speak for themselves.. Bukan apa pun, just nak share the sweetness of spending my quality time with my family, doing something that i find very relaxing and calming.. :)) Later, we gonna share a story about mummy's project with Achik Ieta plak.. :)

Achik Ieta told mummy that she would love to spend her 'holiday' at our house.. Yeahhhh! And for that one month, she is looking forward to work on our bigger garden, more digging i guess.. hehehe.. and it would be the next project of ours.. :) InsyaAllah, Allah's will, the garden would turn out pleasant.. :) We just can't wait!!! Cepat Achik, cepat.. :P

Some of my plants that i just love.. :)

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