Tuesday, July 5, 2011

12.30 am, the kids were sleeping, and mummy being one busy bee! :))


Something for my wall! My DIY projects.. :)

Hi all,

Yes, a short entry on my latest wall project.. Yup, already decorated one of my walls, using coaster, but bila sampai rumah jer, rasa like i need to buy more of it, sebab tak turned out to be just like what i imagined it to be.. I need more coasters (yup, the small ones, 4 for RM10.. yeepee yay yay!)

And yes, what a great feeling last night, when i able to come up with my own painting for my wall.. :) And yes, ofcoz when the kids doze off.. I really love my ME TIME, although it was late and i had to wake up early the next day.. :) Rasa content and all.. :))

Looking forward for more wall projects, and yes, i love wall decor (hints lagi!).. kekeke.. :P

My 12.30 at night painting of flower power.. Hehehe.. :) I love the combination of colors..

My coasters project yang 40% siap.. I love the feeling of having this wall decor @ my home.. Sebab susah nak carik those moroccan plates.. So this one will do, plus, cost saving.. :) hehehe..

Best kan DIY! :))

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