Friday, July 29, 2011

Aidan's Splish Splash Party!

Yup, another 1 plus month to go before Aidan reach his BIG 2! :))

This year, i planned for a simple birthday bash for him.. At first i was thinking about having this "Monster" party, but ended up, loving the idea of a relax Splish Splash party, where i can hang out with my guests, family and friends.. :) It's gonna be a realy small party, REALLY!

Last year, during his Spongebob Bikini Bottom Party, hubby and i, we were everywhere, running here and there, ended up tak dapat nak duduk bersembang with our guests.. Yup, it was great to have them at home, but kalau tak sempat nak duduk bersembang, rasa ralat sangat.. :) The party was awesome with both families and close friends datang just to celebrate my kiddo.. Although Aidan tak really appreciate his birthday yet masa tuh, i took it as it as a celebration to celebrate the parents.. :) I always say that to my friends.. Go all out for the FIRST birthday, since it was a celebration to celebrate the parents, not so much, the kids! :D Kekeke..

I did most of the things myself, although disebabkan cuaca hujan sikit in the morning, and first time experience to put up things, we ended up tak gantung this and that (yup, we learn from experience), but Alhamdulillah, i just love everything on that day! :) I guess, this year, kena prepare semua benda sendiri plus awal2, and the guests hanya datang makan jer.. :) I need to prepare things first hand.. :)

As for this year, we chose 'Splish Splash /Pool Party', as our theme.. :) As i was looking at this and that from the internet, i jadi giler sekejap, and thought of asking my sis in US to buy them for me.. Somehow she managed to surprise me with this One Dollar Shop, and i fell in love with it.. Hehehe.. :) Slowly, i started to think to proceed with DIY jer.. :) and currently, i spent only RM36 for for everything.. beach balls, and most of the things i used for my DIY adalah from saki baki barang2 i guna from his previous party, so tak rugi.. :) I managed to DIY giant (kalau ikut Aidan's height lerrrrr.. :P) coconut trees, sun, surfing board, and ofcoz tags, and more tags.. :) Yeepee!

Few of my friends asked me, naper tak buat kat SPK Clubhouse jer.. Hmmm, well, besides the package yang for me tak really worth it, sebab the food package memang tak excite me, and ofcoz mahal, tak kena dengan harga, i quickly said "no!".. And somehow budget party lagi best kot.. Kekeke.. :P (alasan! :P) Tak nak lah membazir, kalau buat kecil2 pun boleh meriah gak.. :P Yup, kalau dekat Clubhouse, you may use the swimming pool and other facilities, but fikir2, kids Aidan's age mostly tak boleh lagi mandi sorang2 dalam pool, and kena ada adults to look after them.. Silap2, parents pun kena terjun sekali.. Hahaha.. So, i want Aidan's party to be relax2 jer, so i would open up 2 or more inflattable pools jer for them.. Not too shallow/ deep, and parents can relax2 makan2 sambil tengok2 kan anak2.. Menarik kan?? Hehehe.. :P

As for the pics of the DIY, will only update after the brithday party kay?? Baru SURPRISEEEEE!! :)) Can't wait for September!! yes, kita raya dulu.. Hehehe.. :)

P/s: Thanks to my sis, Sha.. :)

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