Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yesterday, i went out with daddy, and on the way back, he told me a story.. About HIS unconditional love and blessings.. AllahuAkhbar.. :)

The story is ofcoz panjang, but i will cut it short here, okay? Kekeke.. :)

This story, of a rich man, happened in Egypt.. :) (sambil teringat my visit to Egypt last time, one word - DUSTY!) hehehe.. but sooo, beautiful.. :) Okay, back to the story..

This rich old man, had been rich for ages, and one day he decided that all his wealth came from his own hard work, and that there's no way that the Almighty blessed him with such life.. However, he would love for the Almighty to test him, so that he would agree that whatever the life has got to offer him, came from the Almighty, Yang Maha Esa.. :)

So, this old man decided to leave all his wealth and fame, and went into the wood, yes, hutan tebal, and takder sorang pun yang berani masuk ke dalam hutan tuh.. He wore torn clothes and all.. No food, or even water to drink.. This old man, memang redha dengan apa yang bakal jadi kepadanya.. He would love to see whether Allah would blessed him, even when he is somewhere that impossible for people to find him..

Right after he went into the wood, he decided to stay put at one place, and tak enjak2.. He just sat there, and did nothing.. He waited and waited for only God knows sampai bila.. He didn't eat or even drink..

One day, there's this hunter, yang tiba2 decided to hunt in the said wood.. Tiba2 pula terasa nak jer masuk ke dalam hutan tebal tuh.. And suddenly he saw this old guy, seating alone in the wood, dalam keadaan yang serba kekurangan.. Without wasting any time, he quickly took out the food and drinks that he brought along, and gave to the old man..

The old man looked up, and said "Thank you Allah, it is true that my life is blessed by you, and that although i came all way into this thick wood, you still blessed me, by sending this kind hearted hunter to save me.."

Mummy : *smile*

p/s: InsyaAllah, with hard work and prayers to Him, our life will be blessed, with his unconditional love! The love that all of us should be longing for.. :) AllahuAkhbar!.. :)

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