Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adorable, yet so chick! :))

Hessa's FIRST kurung.. :)

Dengan ucapan : Saya nak raya yo! :P

Remember my entry on buttons?? I got few cute buttons and decided to use them @ baju kurung Hessa (sweets) and Aidan's baju melayu (balls).. Look at how it turned out to be?? SUPER CUTE! :))

Hessa's baju kurung sangat lah cute, although i don't really like the idea of her Kak Nani decided to come up with kain duyung/ payung for her.. My daughter ended up pakai nampak macam ikan duyung.. Ketat bahagian atas, and as she is one sihat baby, lagi la kan..? Kain asyik nak naik ke atas jer.. Hehehe.. Still, love the top and also the sleeves.. Cute!

To mummy's friend, Shaferlicious, cantik tak baju Hessa?? We love your idea of flower power for Carlissa too.. :) But mummy said, Hessa go for sweets jer, but later tak leh makan sweets banyak2, nanti gigi rongok! Kekeke..

p/s: To my sis, Sha, if you read this.. Leave alone the rongok/ rongak thing, okay?? Hahaha.. :P

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