Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank you, doctor! :)) - Dr Mohd Noh (skin specialist)

A for Awesome, and T for Thanks!

Alhamdulillah, Hessa's eczema dah kurang.. Her skin dah almost back to normal, and bley la mummy tido malam dengan se-nyenyak2 nyer.. :))

Thanks to family from both sides, sebab banyak tolong mummy and daddy and ofcoz our little Hessa.. We owe you guys a lot!

Hessa, just like Aidan, memang ada eczema.. I started to notice it like few weeks back.. Uneven skin tone, and texture, and some more, very dry.. "Hmmm, confirmed eczema anak mummy nih.. *sigh!" and i was right, sebab Hessa start garu2 here and there, and muncullah red spots, and what not.. Kesian.. :(

Ada spot yang very minimal, and ada juga yang dah infected, sebab my little girl suka garu2.. I was soooo not comfortable with the whole thing.. I still remember that i took Aidan to see Dr Noh, a well known skin specialist kat KL nun! so mummy and daddy brought her there as well.. We went there with Maktam and Makngah..

Dr Noh, memang pakar habis bab2 skin2 nih, and usually bila dapat jumpa pun dalam 5 minit jer.. Macam dia scanned jer his patients, and keluar ambil ubat, balik, makan ubat, and pastu baik.. Hehehe.. And yes, memang cepat sangat nampak improvement kat Hessa.. 1 day after i applied the cream that he gave us, terus her the rough texture skin jadi makin lembut and red spots makin berkurangan.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Happy sangat! :D

So, to those yang ada anak2 with sensitive skin, boleh lah pegi jumpa Dr Noh.. You can google on him, and his clinic, but bear in mind yang clinic Dr Noh selalu full.. We had to leave the house early, dalam pukul 7 macam tuh, and don't be surprised if jam tunjuk pukul 7.30 or 8, and your number is already 9! Yes, those yang number 1-8, diorang keluar at 5.30 kot.. Hahahaha.. :P

Okie dokie..

Happy.. Happy.. Happy!!

p/s: Can't wait to see her in her mini kebaya.. :)) Me one sweet2 baby!! :))
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