Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our first raya with Anya Hessa.. :) Balik kampung Langgar, and Visiting Kampung Suka Menanti..

Alhamdulillah, this year ada new addition to our small family, and dapat beraya ber-empat pula tu.. :) Yes, our baby girl, and Aidan's angel sister.. Anya Hessa.. :))

Our color theme for this year is Sweet Lilac.. :) Just to celebrate her presence in our life.. Last year we went for Blue, yup, a joy of having to celebrate raya with my son, for the FIRST time! (the fact that out REAL first raya with him when he was in the incubator, 2 years back, and mummy refused to count it in.. hahaha)

This year, preparation not too early, and not too late.. Just nice.. Lepas settlekan Hessa's kurung, then only we proceed with the rest of us.. And pagi2 raya mandikan anak2 memang sangat seronok, and it would be awesome lagi once they know and sedar that it's raya.. :) I still remember my raya days back when i was still small, and to be frank, raya di Alor Setar and here in KL memang berbeza.. I missed tengok budak2 berjalan from one house to another, and kalau kata Taman Rakyat, jalan kecil depan rumah tuh, budak2 berduyun berjalan.. But not here.. Miss sangat2.. :)

We went back to Klang (the fact that we were there too that very night for takbir, that left me crying alone, teringat arwah my dad.. :( i miss him.. ) and as usual, for some reasons, we were late! Ayoyo! But we managed to get there and met everyone.. Beraya di Klang memang meriah with food.. A lot, and ofcoz diet was not an option, i ended up eat a lot.. Hahaha.. Sempat beraya with my in laws, aunties and uncles, and cousins2 sumer.. Great! Aidan and Hessa too sibuk jer collect raya angpau.. Thank you.. :)

Before noon, we went back to Shah Alam plak.. Seronok jumpa my mom, siblings, in laws, nieces and nephews.. Nephews tahun nih macam janji jer pakai jubah (most of them).. Dapat beraya with my mom, and she looked so happy to see semua anak2 berkumpul.. Still we missed Kak Aminah, Kak Kamariah, and Kak Basharah.. The rest, semua ada.. :)) Alahamdulillah, another year dapat beraya bersama2.. :)) My nieces and nephews ramai sangat, and this year Hanis and Intan who study in Russia pun balik, so meriah la, leaving my sister, Kak Mah smiling all the way sebab dapat celebrate raya with anak2.. :)) Blessed!

Sempat juga celebrate raya kat rumah nenek KJ, jumpa Cu and the rest.. :)) We also visited Aunty Mariam, Shafiq's mom, and she was all about the kids, especially Hessa.. :) So much LOVE! :))

Oooh, this year we went back to Kedah.. :) We stayed at Maklang's and Alhamdulillah dapat jumpa family my mother in law's side and they for sure no strangers to me.. Jumpa Maksu Ah and family, Tok, Pak' Njang and family, Makngah and family and few others.. :)) Hajat nak singgah ziarah kubur my dad pun tercapai.. And kubur nenek, and 2 other uncles.. Alhamdulillah.. Although he wasn't around, when i was seating and reciting doa for my dad, i felt his presence, and only God knows my feeling at that point of time.. Hubby was there to comfort me, and i felt so calm inside (after so long), i just miss my dad, my tok ji'ah.. I told hubby i could still remember my nenek, seating alone, looking outside her window, and smiling when she saw me and my sisters, walking from 'tambang' towards her house.. :(

I couldn't stop myself from crying when i read this on her batu nisan, it says..

- dikenali sebagai 'Tok' dikalangan penduduk Kampung Suka Menanti.. Beliau adalah seorang Guru Quran..

How everyone appreciated her in Kampung Suka Menanti.. and even when she is no longer around, people still remember her.. And those who do remember adalah cucu/ kids masa my nenek was still around.. And yes, they still remember her.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)

Our raya this year is for sure a great one.. And looking forward for next year.. InsyaAllah, every year nak balik Kedah.. :) So, Selamat Hari Raya again, and Maaf Zahir Batin! :)) Some of our raya pics.. :)

Hessa and Tokba, di pagi raya.. :)

The kids with Tokba and Tokma.. Selamat Hari Raya, Tokba and Tokma.. :))

Hessa, her first raya.. :))

Klang family.. :))

Daddy, Mummy, Aidan and Hessa in lilac.. :))

With Opah.. :)) Selamat Hari Raya Opah.. :)

Anya Hessa and Opah.. :)

Cik Dan, always in her mind.. She would call me and ask about the kids.. :) Love you, Opah..

Cik Dan and his cousin Zahir.. :) and ofcoz i-phone! Oh man!

Me and SOME of my nieces.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Us with nenek KJ.. :) Such a kind- hearted nenek.. She spoke so soft and lovingly..

Hessa with Aunty Mariam and her sister.. :)

Like daddy, like son, like son, like daddy!.. :))

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