Monday, October 31, 2011

Adam and Hannah's Black and Pink Birthday.. :))

Happy Birthday again to my neighbor, and blogger friend, Eynda's kids, Adam and Hannah.. Yup, they had a fantastic birthday party last Saturday, and we were invited! :))

It was a very sweet ceremony indeed, and congrats to Liz, as i was told she helped Eynda with some of the decorations that night.. :)) Lovely!

Okie dokie, pictures time.. :)) My neighbors are the best!!

p/s: Oooh, daddy and the kids did not follow mummy, as right after we got back from Klang, (we went to see Ahmad Khalis Azhad :)) Congrats again, Kak Su!) and few rounds of nasi lemak Achik, (thanks to Ateh.. :)), we were kinda tired, and Hessa slept after a great bath, and daddy decided to let me went there alone.. As i promised Eynda to be there, letih2 pun mummy sampai.. :)) Hehehe..

Nice.. :))

My fellow neighbors.. :)) Can you spot Wan, Zura, Kak Tim?? Zura is my friend since UT.. :))

Me and Liz.. :)) Good job, babe!! :)

My next door neighbor.. Kak Normi and Musyrif.. :))

Pretty Hannah.. Happy Birthday dear.. :)

And her girls... :))
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