Sunday, October 9, 2011

Part 1 - Aidan : BIG FISH!! :))

Venue: Aquaria, KLCC!!

Hi all!! Today, daddy decided to bring us to Aquaria.. Yup, thanks to Aunty T, we decided to redeem Aidan's gifts today.. Yup, 2 tickets to Aquaria.. :)) 2 tickets?? Hehehe, yes, since Aidan and Hessa are still FOC, 2 tickets were meant for the parents to bring them there.. Hahaha.. :))

So, off we went to KLCC this afternoon, and we declared that today is the Kids Day, and it should be something fun, fun, fun for them to go about, and do something that they love the most.. And ofcoz Aidan would love to watch the fishes.. :) Before we left, mummy told Aidan that we were going to see a lot of sea creatures, and fish is one of them.. He went "fish?", and pointing to our Pish! " Yes, fish.. But it's gonna be a big one.. BIG FISH!! " and ofcoz my baby jumped here and there, excited!

Yes, it's OUR first time there, and WE love it!! Daddy too was very excited and he was excited over the Stingray.. Yup, huge!! We saw one huge stingray, and Aidan went puzzled.. I guess he was shocked to see some of the sizes of the fishes, and sharks, turtles, and few other.. Once in a while, he would say " Eeeee, ye yekkk... " when he saw some of the weird looking sea creatures.. Very funny! :P

I was laughing alone, to think that the person who enjoyed the most today would be our princess, Hessa.. Since she was in her stroller, and she got the best view ever.. Daddy and mummy bz with both of them, although we still enjoyed the whole thing.. Aidan went on looking at the fishes, and running here and there.. But Hessa, she enjoyed the view most! :))

Okie dokie, pictures time my babies.. Our first ever trip to Aquaria! :)) A LOT OF THEM!! hehehe.. :) Part 2 is gonna be the videos.. :)

Thank you Aunty T!! Loving this pressie.. :)

Hi all, let's follow me for a short tour.. :)) Yeahhh!!

Aidan's latest "taaaa..kuttt..", Gecko! hehehe.. :P

One 'cool' Mr Frog! Aidan went.. "eeee ye yek".. No no no Aidan, we can't say that.. Tak baik ok, yang.. :)

Our adik had fun too.. :))

Daddy taught Aidan all about sea creatures.. that he knows.. hehehe.. :P

Pity lil Hessa.. We asked for a help from the worker, and it turned out like this! Huhuhu..

If you think this is big enough, wait till you see the other one, the vclip daddy took.. HUGE!!

Loving this.. :))

Thank you, daddy for bringing us there.. :) We had so much FUN!!

Seal the day with a kiss.. for him.. :)

... and her.. :))

xoxo :))

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