Thursday, October 27, 2011

School for Cik Dan.. Mummy's homework.. Applying VAK style of learning.. :)) and how to stop him 'memanjat'??

According to our Cu, Aidan's learning style should be Kinesthetic.. and i could't agree more.. But slowly i have tried to adapt the 3 of them, as i wanted him to be able to seat still, listen to instructions and able to follow them all, at least before he enters his kindergarten/ school.. Nope, Aidan is yet to register with any school (InsyaAllah next year) and currently only enters "Mummy's and Daddy's class!" Hehehe.. And trust me, as i am a working mom, i always feel like i need few extra hours in a day! Hehehe.. You are right, Ida Yezid! :P

If you know my son, he is an 'everywhere pun nak panjat' kinda boy.. Yup, something that we are currently focusing on- how to put a stop to it! Gosh!

Experimenting the best way to approach our kids to learn is very much something that i enjoy most.. I just love to be part of their learning process, and hubby too just love to try this and that on the kids, especially to our dearest Aidan..

Yup, it is not something that can be done overnight, and a lot of homework should be carried out as early as when they are only 6 months old.. Observing their VAK (Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic) style of learning is crucial too.. Since i have no background in teaching, let alone adapting/ teaching kids with their every 'first' (ABC's, 123, etc2), i take this as something that would be fun to do, and to be able to see them adapt/learn something from it is gonna be GREAT!

Yup, homework for the parents to see or get to know the latest approach, what is the best for them, and what not.. And ofcourse, the ones that should be avoided are those that the kids would love most.. In our case, PS3 games.. Hehehe.. Nope, don't get me wrong, not that it is not good for the kids to play PS3, in fact it helps their brain to think and bla bla bla.. but when they are only 2 years old like my Cik Dan, and the first thing that they would ask you the minute they woke up in the morning is "nak game??" or "mana remote (joystick)", you just know that it is about time for you to say "NO! NOT TODAY!"..

Hubby has already put his PS3 away, and would only treat Aidan once in a blue moon.. Hahaha.. And this fella would appreciate the 'Treat Aidan's Day" even more.. and to our surprise, he would only ask for it, if he sees it.. Ofcourse, hubby needs to keep it somewhere else when Aidan is busying with something else, or that i need to distract him with this and that, etc2.. And he would be fine with it..

Sharing thoughts and ideas, and gain as much with others who have way experiences than us is important too.. Alhamdulillah i've got to learn a lot from others.. From my sisters, hubby's aunt Cu Sue Ima, cousins and friends, and you would be surprised to know their versions or approaches, some are very creative, and i just love them all!! :)) And most importantly, find YOUR OWN way of teaching too, that suits your child as every child is different and the way they accept information and all is different too.. :)

You should see how Aidan learns his 1-10, funny but it works.. and the fact that he has to say them over and over again /repeatedly non stop, he still finds it funny, enjoyable and interesting.. The tactic is to show them that yes, you too find it funny, enjoyable and interesting..! Don't forget to pat them a job well done, compliment your son and a kiss on the cheek would do wonders! :))

Please, how to stop kids from climbing here and there, yek?? Huh! :P
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