Friday, October 21, 2011

(TVC)Hotlink Push2Talk Bahasa Malaysia Version

Missing all : from LEFT: Adik (good guy!), Amar (i call him 'amaw'), Eja, Feeza, Lina, and me.. Yes, Lin was there too, but she was the camera lady.. hehehe.. :P During our single2 day!! Hahaha, we went for a karaoke session.. Yes, we were really GREAT at singing!! hahaha.. :P

Oh my.. Thanks babe!! :))

My friend tagged me this commercial we did yearssss ago! Hehehe.. Oooh, that's me and my best bud, Amar.. Nope, we were not the main casts.. Hahaha.. We were only the extras.. :P Still, thanks for the great memories.. We had so much fun back then! :)) The TV commercial we did for Maxis, Push to Talk.. :)) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

My 30 seconds fame.. Hahaha.. :P

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