Thursday, November 3, 2011

Since from my observation, Aidan macam left handed, so it is good to let him practice things that involve the use of both hands.. (it has something to do with the brain giving signals to the right hand.. etc.. etc.. oooh, google! :P)

Aidan serba serbi ketawa - On 'Longgg' (Tolong?)

Currently, Aidan finds it boring, and restless to seat on his car seat.. Yup, one 'no no no car seat' boy! We, the parents sometimes just need to bear with him.. He would beg us to unbuckle his seat belts, and of course this will follow with 10 minutes drama (crying, and few more attempts to free himself :P)

Since he understands what 'Tolong/ Help' is now, he would just scream for help.. Hehehe.. Sian Dan Dan.. Yesterday, after work, we went to pick them up from my in- laws, and on the way back to Cahaya, he was begging for mercy! Hehehe..

Aidan : Dad, long?? Long ukak?? (sambil tangan cuba unbuckle sendiri)

Daddy : Wait.. wait..

Aidan : Dadddd!! Long???

... and hubby pretended not to listen to him.. Sambil mata jeling towards me, tanda 'buat tak tau.. buat tak tau..' :P (sometimes bila buat tak tau, works! hehehe)

Aidan : Mummy?? Long???

... mummy pun diam, buat macam tak dengar.. hehehe.. he kept on begging.. Kesian but kalau buka tuh, ada jer anak lelaki sorang tuh buat tour ke depan, kejap ke belakang, berdiri, lompat, and macam2 lagi lah..

Suddenly we heard..

Aidan : Adikkkk?? Long??? Adikkkkk.... Longggggg!!

Hubby and i laughed real hard to see him begging Hessa to help him, unbuckle.. Kekeke.. Hessa was sitting next to him, also in her car seat, but being 7 months old, sometimes jer she would ask me to hold her.. Other times, our adik terus jer ke lala land.. Hehehe..

Hessa : puzzled, stared at Aidan, and her face was priceless.. hehehe..

Suddenly we heard him....

Aidan : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ........

Hahahaha.. he counted from 1-10, dengan harapan after 10 jer mummy and daddy would let him free.. Kekeke.. Yup, we used that technique when we were teaching him to count and so on.. Nak chocolate, count 1-10, nak play with flash cards, count 1-10.. so he thought, nak unbuckle, count gak 1-10!! Hehehe..

We were laughing real hard, and ofcoz, when this little fella finished counting, tak sampai hati plak nak reject him.. And yes, he got what he wanted.. Freedom!! :P

p/s: Ohhh dear, Aidan tau jer macam mana nak win our hearts, in a good way for sure.. :))

Today hubby decided to train him, since sometimes he refuse car seat.. But, if susah gak nak control, car seat then!! :) *Sigh.. :P
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