Friday, December 16, 2011

Spooky lasagna!! Hahaha..


With the loved ones.. :)

I just LOVE gatherings, and last Saturday my nieces and nephews came to the house for 'makan2'.. :)) The last time we had such gathering at my house was months back when we had our BBQ session, and it went oh so great! :)

This time, my niece Far suggested that we had lasagna, and she brought this colorful, cute cake with her.. And so yummy too! :)) The funny thing was when Aidan saw the cake, he kept on staring at it, and each time he saw one, he would say 'Epiday!', but looking at all his cousins, he just kept it quiet.. But as a mummy, well, i know my son! Hahaha.. So, we sang him a birthday song! Kekekeke.. So funny! :P

Okie dokie guys! We had so much fun with everyone, especially at the pool! So much FUN!!! :) Aidan too enjoy having all of you at home.. :)

p/s: We missed Neat Lee, as she wasn't feeling very well, but she suggested for an outing to ICT which everyone is looking forward for it!! Plan! Plan! Plan! :))

Aidan + cake = BIRTHDAY! Look at him staring at it.. Hehehe.. :P

Nieces and nephews that came that day.. :) Small lovely gathering.. :)

Atyn, Mian and Far.. Look at Aidan.. Aidan + Atyn = Good behavior! :)

The boys enjoying their lasagna.. :)

Again, staring at the cake! Huh! Aidan macam tak sabar jer nak makan cake tuh, yer?? :P

Hessa pun eat few bites.. :)) Yummy!!

Cake cutting session.. What a cute cake, right?? :)

Daddy LOVE!

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