Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aidan's First Day @ Shichida..

After months of waiting for their calls, finally the rep did so.. Alhamdulillah, Aidan got the chance to try out the classes at Shichida Method.. :)

It was a very interesting class for sure.. The fact that a parent need to accompany the kids in the class, marks how important they want the parents to participate in the whole process of educating our kids.. 10 points for that! You might be surprised to know that the kids will not be exposed with ABC or 123 (they assume the kids know them already), but the method is more on stimulating the right brain, which is great in a long run.. Basically it will help them to think outside the box, understand, remember and learn things faster.. InsyaAllah, and i sure hope so.. :)

Hundreds of flash cards in less than 5 minutes is amazing, leaving me questioned myself, "what did he learn just now?" but i was convinced by some of the parents that have sent their kids there for 6 years now that it would do wonders, and the flashing cards thingy, well, they did learn something.. and that it was something great! InsyaAllah.. :))

Meeting up once a day, and homework for kids (simple exercise for kids- a page a day) that may take up only 5 minutes to finish, not only fun but it does not pressure my boy at all.. i love this concept as i really want to see the progress myself.. I believe that some kindy out there rarely provide the kids with homework.. Great, but it would be amazing if they can provide some homework for the weekend only, so that parents can seat together with the kids and help with their homework.. Who says homework is burdening our kids?? (minimal homework ofcoz!) You can create a fun activity after completing the homework, like decorating the page with stickers and stuff! A great bonding session right? Well, Shichida is not a kindy, and the approach is different.. A page a day is enough for him.. Alhamdulillah, so far i find it not that difficult to ask him to do his homework or even learn, as he, himself sometimes would ask me for his homework, or ask for youtube (ABC and stuff).. But, i do believe that learning process should be fun, no pressure at all, but when my boy start his work, i need to make sure he finish it up, before he decides to do something else.. I guess, i need to make sure he is well disciplined in this area.. At least, i am still training him to be one.. This is the most crucial time in their life.. I am new to all this, and it is my pleasure to learn how to tackle my boy.. :)

Okie dokie, some of Aidan's first day pic there, at Shichida.. :)

Playing with friends before his first try out class.. :))

They considered him 3 years of age.. :)

Running to the class.. Hopefully he would run to the class in his real school too later.. kekeke.. :P

Homework.. A page a day! :)

The first one to arrive.. Oooh really small class of 6.. :)

He loves it!

With Sensei Hanim.. Knows exactly how to win the kids heart.. We love her singing Konichiwa and Sayonara songs.. :))

What they say about this method.. :))

Aidan's first sticker for being able to respond to Sensei's instructions in the class.. And sometimes dia plak yang macam nak ajar Sensei.. :P

Simple homework, something for the right brain to work on.. Great! Oooh, forgot to upload a pic of his first Rabbit Origami.. later lah.. :))

p/s: Daddy prefers this classes than Pingu (supposedly starting this Feb), as this method is much more suitable for Aidan's age.. It teaches him to think and understand WHY, WHAT, HOW (the first stage of learning).. I guess, we will see you in few years later Puan Aisya.. :) Thank you!

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