Sunday, January 8, 2012

Focusing only on the coloring part.. hehehe.. :))

I was teaching Aidan to color properly.. I told him that i would color the red part and asked him to color the orange part.. Although memang kelam kabut sikit (hehehe) but he managed to fill the orange part, walaupun comot cikit.. hehehe.. :P

A gift to adik..

Art time! Aidan's 'Get Well Soon' project for little Hessa, Classes with mummy and we are back in DEMC! Poor Hessa..

It sure is a terrible feeling to see my little girl tido tak bermaya.. Whatever she eats or drinks mesti keluar balik.. Currently Hessa is going through quite a rough time sebab selalu muntah and at the same time diarhea.. So, most of the time, after feeding jer, Hessa would muntah balik, and i can say that perut Hessa sentiasa kosong.. Hessa jadi pale sangat2 and lebih suka untuk tido jer most of the time.. Hessa takder pula meragam, just that she prefers mummy to hold her, or be with her.. Poor baby..

It started like 2 days ago when Hessa suddenly asyik muntah jer and tido pun nampak macam dia tak selesa.. But Hessa tak menangis, just that she looked so uncomfortable.. As Hessa still active at that point of time, we decided to bring her to see Dr Koshy at DEMC since he treated Hessa few days back masa Hessa admitted di DEMC.. He told us that Hessa's condition was not that bad sebab she could still sing and lompat2 depan the doctor, but did warn us if suddenly Hessa jadi pale, and weak, we should bring her to DEMC at once..

So yesterday, after one whole day asyik tido jer and rejected whatever yang mummy fed her, she became so weak, and my sisters cepat2 bawa Hessa ke DEMC, and now we are here again! Pity baby, sebab minggu lepas pun terpaksa spent like 4 days here.. So far, her condition is getting better as muntah pun dah berkurang, cuma still need to monitor her more.. Harap2 besok dah boleh balik yer Hessa.. Oh please, please, please..

Hmmm, yesterday morning, as we spent the whole day at Opah's, mummy and Aidan decided to proceed with a project for adik.. We wanted to surprise her with something sweet from Aidan.. It was an art project that Aidan seemed to enjoy most.. He went 'duck.. duck.. duck.. duck..!' sambil pointing to each duck.. :)) Ohhh, it was a foam frame project.. :) To adik!! :)

Get Well Soon Hessa!!

Things that he needed to prepare for his special gift to Hessa.. :)

All ready and motivated since he saw the picture of the finished product.. :)

Adik was there too.. Masa nih adik dah start muntah2, but still able to seat on her own.. If not, nak mummy jer ada ngan adik.. Sian adik..

Okay, start!

Ofcoz mummy akan tolong Aidan.. Aidan would just paste the foams at the place mummy tunjuk, and later mummy would rotate back the foams accordingly..

Getting there.. :))

Excited over it.. 90% siap.. :)

Insisted to give to adik walaupun mummy kata 'wait, tak siap lagi..' huh! :P

Tadaaaa! Dah siap!! Get well soon, adik!! :)

Later, ABC exercise time! :) I got to let him stay and focus on his work for 30 minutes! Waaaaaa, pecah rekod!! hehehe.. :P

An attempt to color properly aka tak keluar garisan.. hehehe..

Amazing how he didn't move from the table masa ada iklan best kat tv.. hehehe.. Wow, it's not easy to let him stay at one place since Aidan is a kinesthetic learner.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Good attempt on the ant (coloring).. Then, mummy asked him to follow the dots, and did one as an example.. He tried to do his.. Hehehe.. Okay lah, tak jadi lagi.. hehehe.. :P Not focusing on this so much pun, dear.. :)

My God, i am so proud of his attempt to color the apple sebab he tried so hard to stay inside the line.. :))

Good job darling! :)) Big A from Teacher Mummy.. :))

His fav dialogue.. Aidan : Dad, look! Wowwww! :P

Get well soon, Hessa!!!!

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