Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hessa lost 1.3kg in a day.. :( and my baby is not my chubby baby anymore.. :(

Pendings on this and that.. and praying for fully, speedy recovery.. :(

I have been squeezing my brain for days to find the real cause for their 'unfit/unhealthy' conditions.. and nothing seemed to be the right one.. As i was told, ofcoz..

Now, not only Hessa, but Haikal and Aidan too suffer from it.. Just that Hessa's condition is getting so much better, just mild fever now and then.. Haikal is now in SMC as his condition is quite bad from Aidan.. Yup, Aidan has high fever, diarhea but no more vomitting, and he seems to be as active as always.. So, i really hope for his speedy recovery since he could still tolerate with the medicine.. :( Hessa was discharged 2 days ago after days and days at the hospital, that whenever she saw the nurses, she would just turned to me for help.. I guess when you had to go through this test and that test, needles and pains, you would do just about the same.. Pity baby!

As a mother, i would want to be there for them, and ofcoz this has to come with a super duper strength of witnessing the pain that they have to go through and all.. Except for one, when it involved needles, as i guess it would be better for me to not be near any of them, as they might struggle to come to me and it would make it much more difficult for the nurses, and for them, for me.. *sigh..

I suggested few that i thought the cause that put my kids and nephew in this unpleasant conditions.. I told the doc one by one, including the tab water thingy during our recent trip to PD, that i believed to be it, and he disagreed with me.. He said if that was the case, Hessa would experienced a terrible stomach ache there and then, and not later.. So, what is the real cause?? :(

Oh kids, get well soon.. Praying for fully and speedy recovery!! :(

p/s: pendings on so many things, this include work,appointments.. *sigh Luckily, his Pingu class starts in February.. Get well soon Aidan! :(

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