Thursday, January 5, 2012

We took 2 rooms and the boys shared the room with us.. :)

My mom.. Love her :)

Grand Lexis Port Dickson with mi familia!

What a GREAT holiday we had with my family, as we enjoyed 3 days 2 nights stay at Grand Lexis Port Dickson.. :) It was Hessa's first ever trip to PD and Aidan too did enjoy the beach as he was all about building sand castle with me and Mian.. :)

Opah, Mak ngah, Alang and cousins were there, and it was a very relaxing getaway too.. But my mom felt restless after a day there.. Hehehe.. Not that she didn't enjoy the trip but she had nothing to do, as compared to when she was at home.. We kept on telling her that she needed some rest and vacation seemed to be the best way to let her relax.. :) But i guess she missed home too.. :)

As for the nephews, they really enjoyed the holiday as we tried everything, from the indoor games, outdoor games, and even the beach.. They also brought their own board games, and we had BINGO and TABOO games too, that left everyone with 1001 memories of how hilarious it went and we would teased each other about it up until now.. So funny! :)

Okie dokie, enough now.. Some pics from our latest getaway to Grand Lexis PD! :))

BINGO!!! Ibrahim just soooo lucky! :P

Daddy, during TABOO!

Hessa's fist experience with snooker.. :)

Look at him!! Abang built him one giant BEAR that day.. :)

The siblings.. :))

Look at the face.. He scored high! HUH! :P

We just love the beach.. :))

Their girlie2 moment.. :) Daddy, Abang Ibrahim, Abang Fir and Mamat! :)

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