Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revision time! A-F with Love!

Let's go fishing! :))

Hello all.. How are you guys doing?? and how was your weekend?? :)

As for us, no class for Saturday and Sunday, as i decided to proceed with a revision, recognizing A-F.. :)

Saturday, we brought Aidan for an indoor play park, and Sunday got to visit daddy's cousin in Shah Alam (kenduri doa selamat) and yes, got to meet up with Kedah's family as well.. :) *Oh, Kak Fair, it was great to see you, and Fadya looked super cute in her Hello Kitty t's.. :)) Love! Later that evening, all 4 of us went for a swim at our Clubhouse.. Aidan was so excited as it was his first time to go down the water slide on his own.. Ofcoz, mummy and adik waited patiently for him in the pool.. :) It was a great feeling to see them, smiling, laughing and all.. :) What a perfect way to end Sunday.. :))

Oooh, yes, on our revision this time, we decided to fish for the alphabets A-F and cooked them.. Kekeke.. I started the whole thing first ofcoz (just to show him how this role play should be done).. I put his magnetic alphabets in a bucket (A-F) and I asked him what he wanted to eat, as i needed to fish for it, and cooked it.. "Aidan, what do you wanna have? A, B, C, D, E or F" and he said "Mmmmmm, A!" So i caught 'A', cooked it (using one of his toy container), and served it to him.. He laughed while pretending to eat it.. "See, mummy cooked 'A' for Aidan.. What's that again?" and he said "A"! Yes, then i asked him to cook for me, and we went for few rounds of fishing and cooking.. It was a great role play! :) I had B, C, F! Yummy!! :))

Then Aidan started to ask Daddy and Hessa plak.. Yes, sometimes he got confused and forgot some of the alphabets, like D,E,F.. And there was this one time when i asked him "Next, what do you wanna have?" Sebab Aidan lupa the alphabets, he chose to be safe.. He went "Nak nacik (nasi)".. Hahaha.. :P Funny you! :))

So far, Aidan able to recognize, A, B, C, (got them from our weekend class) and S, O, W from our alphabets mattress.. :)) Good job darling! :) No worries, at your own pace.. Learning should be fun, and we had fun learning together.. Yes!! :))

p/s: Teringat Hessa.. Early this morning at 5 macam tuh, she woke up, kejut mummy (ketuk2 my face) and said "Tutu", and i was shocked.. Nih first time Hessa minta susu sendiri.. Last time, bila mummy tanya, "Adik, nak susu?" He would reply "Nak tutu", but this time she woke me up.. Hehehe.. Mummy terus pretended to sleep, an waited for her reaction again.. SHe turned to me, ktuk2 some more, and said "Tutuuuuuuu" Hahaha.. So cute! Geram! Gigit! Hehehe.. :)

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