Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mak and Mama!

We Love You!!

We celebrated my MIL on Saturday, and with my mom on Sunday.. :) Just a small celebration to celebrate Mother's Day.. :) I got my mom Cream Puff (a perfect way to celebrate her day- i got something that she really like :) and yes, less sugar/ sweet as my mom really need to watch what she eats now) :) Happy Mother's Day again..

Thank you so much for everything, mak and mama! :) We love you! :)

 Aikkk, apa sudah jadi nih?? Hehehe.. :P

 Happy Birthday in advance ker ni?? :P

 How sweet.. :)

And with Mama.. :) Mama tak berapa sihat last Saturday.. But sporting enough to join all her children to celebrate Mother's Day.. :) Get well soon mama..

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