Monday, May 14, 2012

'I' for Ice Cream, 'J' for Jelly and Congrats to Sheena and Nabilah! :)

No elaborations needed.. Let the pictures speak for themselves.. LOVE! :)

 Ice cream boy! Happy to have his own ice cream hut! :))

 Asked mummy to buy ice cream from him.. He went "Jual, jual.. saya jual ice cream.." :P

 "Mummy, ice cream.. "

 Okay lah, mummy beli ice cream.. And he gave me this one.. :)

 And insisted for me to buy this one too.. :)

 And he took one for him.. :)

 Our ice cream date.. Yummy! :P Adik was sleeping at this time.. If not, adik pun boleh join..

 Made few rounds, nak jual ice cream.. We sang ice cream song.. :) Funny!

 Lets build a tower, Cik Dan.. :)

 Good job! :)

 He just LOVE ice cream.. :)

Yeah, adik joined us.. :)

 Jom ice cream! The one we made at home pun dah habis.. :)) WAIT FOR THE PICS and VID! :)

 Okay, play time..

 Hessa's first tooth brush sebab adik dah boleh brush teeth.. :) Currently, ada 6 going to be 8! :))

Activities for this whole week.. :) And worksheets on I and J! :) Loving it that Aidan enjoyed his homework, and selalu insisted for more.. Hopefully, berterusan yer Cik Dan.. :)

Easy puzzles of 10.. :)

Wooden sticks.. :)

Congrats Nabila and Sheena.. :) Aunty Ima's sisters.. :)

With Aunty Ima and Uncle Azren.. :) Thanks for everyting guys! :)
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