Monday, May 7, 2012

Mi familia.. :) 
Pink Akikah..

Saturday was hubby's twin nieces akikah and cukur jambul ceremony.. It was Pink akikah theme (i guess).. As usual, we arrived late.. Hehehe.. Yes, thought of nak selit morning class for Aidan, as he kept on insisting me to hand him his homework, but i was too bz with our baju (yes, we went for our raya baju, and i guess they matched sikit2 the whole theme color for that day) hehehe.. Yes, hubby's cousin complimented us for showing up, as a team.. hahaha.. Cute! :P

Got to meet few family members from both sides, and Mak'njang handed me a paper bag full of kids food.. Kak Sharmina left some for my kids, sebab masa sembang haritu, i did mention about my son's appetite yang tak seberapa tuh.. How sweet of Kak Sharmina.. :) Ingat juga kat the kids.. :) Thank you..

Okie dokie, nothing much to say here.. Pictures time.. :))

 Chewahhh, adik dah siap.. :) Baju kurung adik dah kecil, so we settled for this one.. :)

Aidan excited over his baju melayu buttons.. He went 'balls, banyak!!'.. This year nak button theme apa yer Cik Dan??

 Daddy's little girl.. :)

 Cousin, Zura with Fira.. She is sooo cute!

Asu and Hessa.. :)  
 Tokma, Makngah.. :))

 Macam raya tak?? hahahaha.. :P Our first family photo there..

 Daddy ajar adik buat 'peace' :))

 Ooooh, Tessarina!!

 I went for this tudung, just to match adik's dress print.. :) Geng!! :)

 Achik Ita.. :)

 Maklong, sis Fair LOVE, and kak Fisha.. :))

 Kak Ijan.. :)

 Me, Kak Ijan, and SIL..

 Funny pic.. Aidan tengah buat bubble2 ker tuh?? :P

We even wore the same flower pin and hair clip.. :) Super!!

 The exhausted twin girls.. Yes, pretty much tiring sebab masa Hessa pun, she slept the whole night.. hehehe.. :)

 Say hello Nisa!!!

 Mak'njang.. :)

 Cute dress!! Love!

Thank you Kak Sharmina.. Yes, on Sunday, the kids tried this one first.. :)) Best2..

In short, Saturday no class for Cik Dan, Sunday was their Funday- we went for ice cream! (Oh ya, for 'I' class, we gonna go for Ice cream! Wait for our post on it.. We gonna make a home made ice cream!! Yeahhhh!!), that only last night we got the chance to do some paperwork, puzzles, and role play.. Nak tau our adik jadi apa?? Ni haaaaaa.. 

Adik jadi Doctor Anya Hessa.. Hehehe.. Yes, adik asyik control muka tak nak her spectacles jatuh.. hahaha.. :P Yes, all muncung one, maaaa.. kekeke.. :P

InsyaAllah yer adik.. :) Amin amin.. hehehe.. :)) Mummy's prayer is always with you, and you definitely have my blessings.. LOVE!

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